8. thanked.

I’m always appreciative of the gratitude people express on Veterans Day, whether it’s directed specifically┬áto me or not.

But this one will be hard to top. My sister sent me this on Thursday; it’s from the Veterans Day program they had at the school that Drew and Mollie attend.

That’s me in that list, just above my father, and alongside a lot of other men and women who truly deserve the recognition. As I said, I always appreciate the thoughts, but this one was especially touching.

If you know a veteran, an active, a reservist or a National Guard member, take a second and say thanks today. Trust me — they’ll be thrilled to hear it.


  1. Thanks to you and FUC – or whatever his agreed upon psuedo-name is –

    It would be nice if this type of recognition / gratitude was not limited to only 1 day per year – living in metro-NYC, I know for a fact that since 9/11 there has been a continued outward appreciation of military, police and fire professionals – in fact, a brother-in-law of DirtMerchant, who is an EMT, told me that when he was a tourist in NYC, he was wearing / attened some sort of EMT function – and strangers out of the blue walked up to him and personally thanked him for his efforts – imagine that – NYC as the hotbed of civility –

    Thanks again to you and all who help protect our liberties.

    If, in the future, we find ourselves stuck on a deserted isle, with a spare tank or 2 laying around – I’m going to look to you to get food on the table!!


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