When Randy Moss turns out to be the classy guy on your team, you know there’s a problem.

Belichick? Brady? And the rest of the Patriots who left the field before the Super Bowl was over?

Classless. Every last one of them.


  1. That was a fun game to watch (especially since the locals won against another ‘team up north’) – Eli did a good job, but the defense was what kept NE out of it for most all of the game –

    Besides some of the NE antics, which at times left a sour taste in my mouth (I know a foul was committed by having the extra man on the field, but to red flag a guy who has no impact on the play to overturn a failed converson – low sportsmanship – correct, but low) –

    I really was not that impressed with most of the commercials – a couple of good ones (I think Coke did the best with both the political spoof ‘ginkes’ and the Wonderdog – baby from Family guy) – and it took Will Farrell to make me actually laugh – I was not wowed – and quite perplexed on a couple – such as, why would Prudential spend that much money to reply its current ‘on the right path’ add during the Superbowl when its product is a B2B product that company HR / Sourcing departments choose, not individuals?

    Can you tell I’m getting old?

    Can’t wait to hear about the event in Columbus – who won Pledge of the Year? and, is it going to cause some matrimonial strife?


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