2068779988_4422f1bf5eI wrote the first post for Uncle Crappy five years ago today.

I still don’t have an actual focus for anything I do here, but for some reason, you people keep coming back. There are even a few of you who appear to be concerned when I take more than a couple days off in a stretch.

For me, the simple act of writing can be immensely gratifying. But knowing there are people who take the time to read every day is even better.

Thanks for making this a lot of fun for me. I hope it’s occasionally as fun for you.

Flickr photo by Juergen Kurlvink.


  1. This is a “here” kind of place? I just thought I was lost on the information super highway and refused to stop and ask for directions.

    Congrats on 5 years!


  2. 5 years? Way to go!!! I love reading what you write. And no lack of focus? Who cares? I tried to have a focus a few weeks ago when I started. FAIL. But I still love letting things out all the time. It’s good fun! See you in the AM.


  3. Five years? Wow! My life has to be so full of rules and schedules..the “no focus” is refreshing. Good job big brother, here’s to another five more.


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