I generally have no problem with doing stupid things. Stupid and potentially dangerous is something else.

After a brief reminder of what single-digit temperatures feel like this morning — the kick-ass little weather monitor thing The Wife just bought for me says it’s 6 in my backyard — I’m wondering about the wisdom of going skiing tomorrow.

And I hope you can help me make a decision.

Some stuff to know:

  • I love skiing, and not starting until this late in the season makes Uncle Crappy a grumpy boy.
  • Temperature aside, the skiing will be fabulous. Seven Springs got 8 inches of fresh snow in the last 24 hours, and added more on top of that in snowmaking areas. They could get as much as 3 additional inches by the time they open tomorrow morning.
  • You can’t really put aside the temperatures. Thursday night’s low out there is 6 below. The forecast high is 1. There’s an excellent chance it wouldn’t warm to above zero until the afternoon, when I would be getting ready to leave.
  • I have plenty of gear to keep me warm, but I hate wearing those things that cover my face. Snot-catchers. Yuck.
  • There’s plenty of stuff for me to take care of in the house if I stay home.
  • Seven Springs won’t be crowded.
  • I could wait a week. But there’s a chance of rain next Friday.

So. What do you think I should do? If you feel the need to elaborate on your vote, please leave a comment as well.


  1. I’d go, but I’m from Maine. I went out without gloves or hat this morning for my wait at the bus stop. Temp was dropping but I wasn’t cold.

    Do the snot catcher thing though. It’s gross, but better than frostbite. You need to be in top form for making crab cakes.


  2. Of course you go skiing! Since when has cold bugged you when you ski? It’s been a while since I lived in cold weather climate but I do remember that sunny days are few and far between. Go! Get some fresh air, some vitamin D, and exercise! Have a blast.


  3. I confess I’m doing this in part to continue testing my new blog. But also, if you can wear shorts to the Michigan game without serious consequences, I think you can ski in 1-degree weather and be safe as long as you pay attention to any potential frostbite-y feelings! Have fun!


  4. Depending upon the wind forecast, go – at least wear a turtlefur – just take twice as many breaks to check for discoloration


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