I’ve done this before. I’ll probably do it again. Sorry.


Dueling pianos?
Maybe a little cheesy
But V Rock had fun.

Papuga’s splitting
Yinz Team’s loss; Baltimore’s gain
Alert Johns Hopkins.

Old vacuum is dead
New bagless model is awesome
Eew. Look at the grunge.

Dill pickle Pringles?
Actually not too bad. But:
I want them to be green.


Tuna steaks were scary
But they’re hard to screw up
Almost raw is best.

This time of the year,
It always occurs to me:
Oh. Yeah. Basketball.

Stumped for a blog post
How about bad poetry?
Sure. It’s worked before.


  1. thanks for coming! it is a bit cheesey. i only picked that place because it was suppose to be a joint birthday party with one of my friends, and they don’t like normal bars. but even they didn’t show up to it. next time i’ll plan everything on my own.


  2. V: Cheesy is good! We never would have gone to Charlie Murdoch’s on our own, and it was a great thing to experience. Thanks asking us to come.


  3. Ethel: Nope. They exist. Definitely the oddest chip flavor I’ve come across since finding ketchup potato chips in Canada. But not bad.


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