What we learned at tonight’s Iron Chef Point Breeze Crabcake Cookoff: Kim and I are both pretty good at this.


We’re still not quite certain, but it appears I won the battle, which will get me a growler of something from East End — Black Strap, most likely — when we get around to it.

This had to be a tough one for our judges, though, because our final products were eons apart in terms of style. My cakes tend to be a bit sweet and a little spicy — tonight’s were a bit spicier than I usually intend — while the recipe that Kim nailed earlier this week was much closer to a traditional Maryland crabcake — meaty and rich with hints of Old Bay and an excellent chili powder she found at Penzeys.


I’m on record as saying I’m generally pleased with my crabcakes. But Kim’s were fantastic too, and it was great to taste two such disparate styles side by side.

My admission for the evening: I made mine incorrectly. All those freaking extra cracker crumbs were there for a reason; I’m supposed to dredge the goopy cakes in the crumbs before I chill ’em — and I kind of forgot about that step. I coated the tops of the cakes with the crumbs and hoped they would hold together if I fried that side first. That part worked OK, but I’m wondering whether that omission is what made my cakes a little spicier than usual.

Mine are in the foreground, Kim's in back. Both were deee-licious.

As tough as it had to be for Amy, Scott and Danielle to make a decision, I didn’t hear any complaining from anyone, although I think Kim’s son was a bit disappointed we weren’t making cupcakes instead.

Thanks to the judges and everyone else who was along for the ride. Special thanks to Kim for the use of her fabulous kitchen for the evening. That was a great night, yinz guys.

Now — anyone else want a piece of me?


  1. I messed up too. Forgot the white pepper in the first batch.

    I liked the contrasting styles. The aioli was very nice too. Worked well with the spice.

    The black strap, or whatever you choose. Mrs Crappy is a lucky woman.


  2. I’m glad tonight’s panel was a bit more accepting of the extra spice; if I had tried to feed those to my mother I would have blown her head off.

    And seriously, your cakes were excellent. I’d be thrilled to have them again sometime.


  3. Sounds like it was very successful!

    Every single time I make crabcakes I make them differently. I have a general list of ingredients (in my head, mostly) but they taste a little different every time.


  4. I agree, no losers last night. Both crab cakes were excellent. I loved that they were both so different.

    Oh, and I’d be happy to be a judge in any Iron Chef battle in the future too!


  5. I was so excited for leftovers until I heard a muffled “Crabcakesgood” from behind the modular synthesizer. I think my husband inhaled them too quickly to notice a difference in the cooking styles.

    I personally preferred Uncle Crappy’s recipe because you could really taste the sweetness of the crab, but Kim’s cakes were authentic Maryland-style and the Penzey spice was to die for.

    I think the judging could really go either way on “Any Given Sunday”. How about next Sunday? I’ll brink the cake.


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