Here in Pittsburgh, we love us some championships.

Personally, I’m a bit more fond of one of the current trophies than the other *coughletsgopensahem* but we’re working towards another that might actually make me even happier.

This weekend, our Pittsburgh Angels rugby team plays for — and hosts — its midwestern championship, a ticket to the Division II national tournament two weeks later in Houston, Texas.

Let me make that clear — two wins this weekend, and Pittsburgh’s women’s rugby team will be playing for a national championship.

Let me make one other thing clear — unless you can swing a quick trip to Houston, this weekend is the last chance this year you have to see our Angels in action.

I’d like to make a suggestion — if you’re a YinzTeamer, this should be every bit the big deal that the Stanley Cup — or that other trophy that other team won back in February — was to us. Why? We know these ladies. AAA and Calipanthergrl are part of the group, and if you’ve spent any time at Ruggers, you’re going to recognize a bunch the other faces on the team as well.

They’re not superstars. They’re not people we’re going to see on Sportscenter. They are us, and they deserve our support, because they’re on the brink of doing something pretty special, something that AAA says they haven’t done before.

I’ve seen three matches this fall. I don’t know a damn thing about the game, but it’s easy to get the hang of how it flows, and once you do, it’s a blast to watch. You’ll see speed, athleticism and some ungodly hitting — and you’ll see it from the sidelines, not from the nosebleeds.

That’s what I’m asking you to do this weekend: go watch the Angels — our Angels — play for that regional title. They’re playing for our city and we should be there to see it.

– – – –

If you’re really into it, you could even volunteer to give them a hand for an hour or so; hosting the tournament is an honor, but it’s also a challenge when you’re also playing. AAA can help you with details about volunteering, and you can find all the details you need about the tournament here.

I don’t want to forget the men’s team — they’re undefeated as well, and close to wrapping up a top seed in their regional tournament. Toledo’s closer than Houston, so if you’re in the mood to travel on Halloween weekend, you could go see the guys play for the Eastern Conference championship then.


  1. I really wish I could write something right now that would explain my thanks. But I can’t. I appreciate this soooo much. Thank you. On behalf of the Angels, Pitt City and the PRFC.

    Make sure you rock that hat on Saturday!!!


  2. Thank you for the kind words and support.

    The Angels are ready. They are fit. The team’s focus couldn’t be better. Defense is spectacular! The ladies were pushed by Cincinnati and played a brutal, physical game…a challenge needed to prepare for this weekend.

    The Angels can run AROUND any opponent with superior support play – and they have the toughness to run THROUGH opponents, too.

    I will do everything I can to have the team prepared and make Pittsburgh proud. We are the city of champions. Get ready ‘Burgh, one more championship team will be crowned soon.


  3. Yinz gotta win Saturday cause I can’t come until Sunday! Uncle Crappy Nation check out the team song:

    First Verse
    Are Yinz from Pittsburgh, I said from Pittsburgh
    Where the emphysema rate is so high
    Where streets are narrow, like Mia Farrow and flocks of pigeons cover the sky.
    Are Yinz from Baldwin or Monroeville or from Aspinwall, or do Yinz come from South Side with your bowling ball.
    Are Yinz from Pittsburgh. I said from Pittsburgh, ’cause we’re from Pittsburgh too.

    Second Verse
    We know our city, it ain’t so pretty
    But so what if we’ve got nothing you need
    There’s still Apollo, and Panther Hollow and
    Yearly floods on Old Chartiers Creek
    And when you die they put your name up on the voting list
    And rugby football’s great if you’re a masochist!
    Are Yinz from Pittsburgh, I said from Pittsburgh
    ‘Cause we’re from Pittsburgh too…
    ‘Cause we’re from Pittsburgh too…
    ‘Cause we’re from Pittsburgh too…

    Thanks to Ron Zaffuto for providing the lyric


  4. So funny BEV found that on the website. I can’t remember the last time anyone actually sang that song. No one even knows the words! A few of us old boys & girls know the tune, but not even we know all the words!!


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