nablo1109.120x200Howdy, boys and girls, and welcome back to another delightfully stress-filled attempt at National Blog Posting Month.

I first gave NaBloPoMo a shot two years ago, and found that it A) wasn’t actually too bad and B) kind of bumped up my readership numbers a bit. I successfully finished the November NaBloPoMo again in 2008, after attempting it in two other months while following the NaBloPoMo Mothership’s suggested themes for those months. That worked OK in March, when we were to come up with lists each day (A whole month of bullet posts! Whoooo!). But I was surprisingly unable to follow that up in July, when the theme was food (Yeah, I’m kind of embarrassed for me too).

There is no theme for November — just the still-daunting goal of making sure to post something every day. But as I was gearing up for this task last week — and by “gearing up” I mean I remembered that it was almost November — I noticed a fun little detail about Uncle Crappy (the blog) that I had thus far managed to miss: sometime in the very near future, we’re going to hit the 3,000th comment on this site.


I’ve always been of the opinion that the give and take in the comments is the best part of this blog, and I’ve always appreciated each of you who leave them. So we’re going to do something to celebrate that milestone when we reach it: I’ll award a $50 iTunes gift card for the lucky person who leaves the magical comment.

I don’t want to give yinz guys too much information, but here’s a little background about where we stand:

  • We are fewer than 100 comments away from 3,000.
  • To this point, I average about 2.8 comments per post.
  • I ain’t telling how many posts I’ve written so far. If you’re truly deranged dedicated, you can go back through the archives, find a reference to a pretty significant milestone and count from there.
  • Fine print: Although her comments here are rare, Mrs. Crappy is not eligible to win. Also, while my comments are counted in the total, I will not give the prize to myself (as much as I’d like to). If I should happen to leave the 3,000th comment, the prize will go to whomever leaves 3,001.

With all that stuff in mind, I can safely say this: I have no idea when we’ll reach the 3K mark. Good luck to everyone, and have fun watching me torture myself once again this month.


  1. Hooray! More to read on this blog is an unalloyed joy. Best of luck to you.

    (And I’ll take a little bit of luck too — to win the iTunes card, sure, but more to survive this month of challenges myself.)


  2. I blame you for inspiring me to do this damn thing for the fourth year in a row. All.Your.Fault.

    And E was talking about you in the car today. It seems a few days back we were listening to Los Lobos (“Elmo and the Lavender Moon”, don’t ask) and i mentioned you were a fan. I guess she really is paying attention. When the song played again today she started talking about Mike. At Rugby. That ought to be worth something.


  3. Doogle: If you’re the winner, I’m going to need a copy of that…

    Cindy: Thank you very much for the kind words. And good luck with your novel — again.

    Kim: E likes Los Lobos too? That kid’s going to turn out just fine.


  4. Gina: Start now and blame it on Daylight Savings Time. Or on me (it seems to work for Kim).

    E: You’re going to ask me that every time you leave a comment this month, right?


  5. Hi Uncle Crappy! You got me started blogging back at PodCamp (I scrapped the Blogger blog and switched to WordPress), so I thought I’d return the favor by driving up your comment count. Oh, and by reading the damn blog.

    I’m coming into NaBloPoMo on six-day stretch, so I’ll give it a shot – how hard can it be, right?


  6. So if I write this comment and “Say it!” 100 times in a row, I’m nearly certain to win the 3,000 comment contest, right?


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