Seriously. We waited two hours to get on the ice and once we were there we didn’t mind a bit. The club holds more thorough learn-to-curl sessions, probably in the fall, and I fully intend on going back for one of those.


    1. On Sunday, Mrs. Crappy and talked about the necessity of wearing knee pads when we go again. Glad you came along!


    1. We’re hoping now that almost a thousand people came to give curling a try, RMU will give us more ice time to put together more mini-leagues. We’re going to be working hard to make that happen!


    2. Doogle: I couldn’t do Sundays, but I’d give a mini-league a try.

      CGM: I was going to suggest some variation of the Mickey you use in your email address, but CurlGirl Michelle works just fine. And: You guys did a great job on Saturday with an overwhelming number of people. I will definitely be back.


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