Three years ago, I asked for your college football-related questions, and the resulting post, for some reason, became the most widely read post to ever appear on Uncle Crappy (the blog). Last year I did the same thing, and the subsequent discussion generated something like 8,467 comments.

Because there’s little else on my mind this week — as usual — let’s do it again. Ask Uncle Crappy (the person)  anything at all related to college football — even tangentially — and I’ll do my best to A) come up with an accurate answer or B) make some shit up.

And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can also answer this: The current point spread for Saturday’s game is 18. Will Ohio State cover?

Thank you in advance for playing.



  1. Uncle Crappy,
    Will Prince Charles ever have a chance to coach Penn State football, or will JoePa abdicate in favor of Price Harry?


    1. There is a tricky balance here, especially this time of year. For a cold-weather game, it’s tempting to down cup after cup of something heavier; the typically high ABVs of those beers, though, could leave you without much memory of the game — or, if you’ve really done a number on yourself, in need of a sudden nap before the game even begins.

      I found one that’s worked really well for me this season — Bell’s Oarsman, a tart weisse that seems to fit no matter what the weather. And I’m hoping to get tastes of other Michigan beers on Saturday too — Ethel’s brother usually brings growlers from Founders when they come for a game, and I’m hoping he’s bringing more this week.


    1. Two primo douchebags, yes. But Lane Kiffen seems to have developed his doucheitude without having ever won anything; that makes him the bigger douche in my book.


  2. I have a few questions:

    1. How much longer will Rich Rodriguez coach at Michigan?

    2. Was Wisconsin’s 8834792 points against Indiana an insult to Big Ten ball?

    3. Do you approve of the present Big Ten title tie system? If Ohio State ends up in a 3 way tie with teams they to whom they lost, is it really a tie?


    1. I knew I could count on you for this…

      1) I think Rich is going to be there for a while. My guess is that this year was his last chance, and thanks to this year’s winning season and subsequent bowl eligibility, he’s bought himself some time. And that’s an improving team. The offense is starting to look like a RichRod team, and Robinson is there for two more years. And although UM’s defense is best described as pathetic this year, they’re going to get better. I looked at the two-deep roster for Saturday’s game; in the secondary (including an LB/Safety hybrid), you’ll find eight freshmen, one sophomore and one senior. Those guys will get better with experience, and they’ll be pushed by younger guys in future recruiting classes. As much fun as I’ve had watching Michigan struggle, there is one fact I cannot ignore: A good Michigan is good for the Big Ten.

      2) This is a tough one. I recall not being especially pleased when Penn State hung 63 on Ohio State a few years back; on the other hand, I have little tolerance for coaches who gripe that the other team ran up the score — it’s your job to stop ’em, coach. It may seem like it’s not fair to the losing team; it’s also unfair to ask third- or fourth-teamers to run a watered-down version of their offense when they finally see some playing time.

      3) First thing — “team” Ohio State lost to, not “teams.” And, uh, it’s OK. The conference’s BCS tie-breakers do a better job of working out that stuff: Conference record, then head-to-head, then overall record, then higher BCS ranking — and then like 13 different measures of winning percentages, head-to-head records and best mascots.

      And if you don’t like it this year? I’m sure next season, when divisions are involved, will be even better. ;)


  3. UC, call me snobbish or elitist or just plain wrong, but I just can’t imagine TCU or Boise playing for the national title.

    I am wrong to think these teams would be 9-3 in the Big 10, Big 12, SEC, or PAC 10?


    1. You’re an elitist snob … and I suspect you’re right. But while the BCS is a lame alternative to what we should be able to work out — a playoff — thems the rules we have at the moment. And if TCU or Boise State make it through with them rules, we have to let them play.


    2. So if alma mater of UC and MRS. C goes undefeated in the MAC do they get a shot at the title game? Or, at least a bunch of sympathy about being jumped over by a one loss team from a “major” conference?

      Could it be that colleges and the powers-that-be at the NCAA offices love the BCS because it draws so much attention to the game? I mean, we hate it, but we keep talking about it…week after week after week.

      I think we’re being played!

      I realized that there’s about 3 questions in this post, but here’s the one we need answered.

      UC, what’s your prediction for The Game?


    3. Update! I win!! OSU’s President Gordon Gee agrees with me. An unbiased third party weighs in on my behalf.


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