Let’s go back to September 1999, when I was faced with a tough decision.

No, it wasn’t whether I would marry Mrs. Crappy; I went ahead and did that on Sept. 25 that year, and I’m still happy I did.

The decision came a week earlier, when OU, the Crappys’ alma mater, sent its football team into Ohio Stadium to play the Buckeyes. My decision: Rah, rah, rah be true to my school? Or jettison the notion of ever setting foot inside the building wearing anything but scarlet and gray.

In the end, both Mrs. Crappy and I stuck with our school. We snuck into an alumni party at Fawcett Center, we cheered for the Marching 110 and we even might have been a little excited when OU led Ohio State in the first half.

We’ve done that drill two other times since. It’s fun, because there is very little pressure; no one expects OU to win, and if the Bobcats play well, we can walk away feeling good.

OU’s run into the NCAA tournament brought Mrs. Crappy to a similar decision. She grew up in North Carolina, even living in Chapel Hill for a couple years. Just as I’ve been a Buckeye for as long as I can remember, she’s been a Tar Heel for her entire life. And once OU beat South Florida on Sunday, she faced the same question I did in 1999.

I asked her when I got home from work Sunday night.

Her answer?

“I’m not sure.”

I couldn’t blame her for her indecision. Turning on a dime and cheering against the team that’s been yours pretty much since birth isn’t easy. I didn’t bug her about it, because I knew she’d had to make up her own mind.

And she did.


Let’s go Bobcats.


  1. who couldn’t stand behind their accomplishments so far – either way – good job to them all – if they win tonight – well even better –

    Go Bobcats – what a tale it could be to see the tail-less best UNC –

    Have fun!


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