The best thing about this year’s Final Four? Gonzaga and Baylor both made the title game, saving me from doing a whole bunch of math I’d rather not worry about doing.

The other best thing about this year’s Final Four? We have a cut and dried winner in the Fourteenth Kind Of Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Piper’s Pub*): AUCFFNC veteran Scooter.

There were a bunch of you who had the Zags and the Bears in the title game, but if Gonzaga had completed its perfect season, we would have needed to apply the tiebreaker to determine whether Miss C or Chachi was the winner.

Scooter, however, was the only one in the group who had Baylor cutting down the nets last night, which made my job super easy. And I always appreciate that. Scooter, because you’re local, I’ll have your Piper’s Pub gift card to you in a few days — they’re doing take out food and drinks only at the moment, so you can take advantage of your free stuff now or wait until the pub reopens later this year.

I previously mentioned Miss C; along with her younger brother Mister G, Miss C is our youngest AUCFFNC contestant ever — and let’s face it, folks, she crushed nearly every single one of us. I haven’t done this before, but I feel like it’s totally warranted: Miss C is our first-ever AUCNFFC Rookie of the Year. And Miss C, Mister G and Lianne, their mom, will always be welcome in future AUCNFFCs.

And as for the rest of you guys? Thanks for showing up, again and again and again. I don’t need to explain how weird the last year has been, and I am always so thankful for anything that is even vaguely normal.

And next year? I probably shouldn’t make promises … but honestly, I don’t know why I wouldn’t.

But that’s a year away, and I don’t want take anything away from Scooter’s … wait for it … One Shining Moment:


  1. So much for my repeat.

    Congrats to the winner. For me, like Gonzaga, it’s back to the drawing board.

    Great tourney as always, Crappy. Catch ya’ in cyberspace.


  2. Many thanks to the good Uncle for organizing this tourney. Much better than two years ago, watching Virginia hit foul shot, after foul shot after foul shot in overtime.

    Also grateful Uncle and Mrs. Crappy do not possess incriminating photos from our days at the Newspaper From Up North.


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