on repeat.

In 2010, Mrs. Crappy and I ventured to Ohio for a terrific Groundhog weekend.

When we returned, our street looked like this:


This weekend, I am venturing to Ohio — Mrs. Crappy has to work — for what I hope will be a terrific Groundhog weekend.

Check out what could be happening when I return on Sunday:


So. OK then.



If you attended Podcamp Pittsburgh Four, you’ll probably recall these two (Not Sorg. I’m sure you already know him.)

They’ll be in town this weekend. And they want to have a drink with you on Saturday night.

HP and DD will magically appear at Piper’s sometime ar0und 7 p.m. Saturday; I imagine we’ll be there for a while. So come by whenever you have a minute, have a beer and say hello.

Because if you don’t, you might get a look like this.

found: 1991.

We’re a few days away from our annual Groundhog Day shindig, and while I have to be careful about revealing too much about our activities, I can tell you I’ve spent a little time looking for old Hawaiian steel guitar music for the weekend.

I found a bunch of cool stuff last night, but that got me thinking about a song that I’ve tried unsuccessfully to find since the early 1990s. I had always been taken by one particular clip that appeared on MTV’s excellent Liquid Television series — the animated clip itself is a little dark, but the music, an old Hawaiian song with acoustic steel guitar playing underneath falsetto vocals, always blew me away.

I’d tried to find it before, but without knowledge of the name of the song or the ¬†clip, my searches never went far. Last night, though, I was determined, going through a list of random Liquid Television clips on YouTube.

On the third page of the search results — there. Black Hula. That had to be it.

Whoever posted it also helpfully named the song: “Mauna Kea,” by King Bennie Nawahi. I quickly found the song on emusic and as a bonus, I downloaded the entire record, which will be fabulous addition to this weekend’s soundtrack.

And I have solved a mystery that’s been bugging me for nearly 20 years.


As I slowly get caught up on stuff I should have posted days ago, I thought I’d offer one brief glimpse into the traditions of the Fraternal Order of the Groundhog:

I’m not sure what it is with me and exposing my naked flesh to the winter, but there you go…