1. what am i thinking?

I just had a crazy-ass idea: Howsabout I complete a random NaBloPoMo in August?

I’m just the guy to do it.



EAUCNFFC killer.
EAUCNFFC killer.

I knew it was going to be bad.

I didn’t think it would be this bad.

Thirty five people entered the Eighth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Bocktown). And at the conclusion of the Elite Eight weekend, there are 16 — SIXTEEN — Blutarskys (and if you don’t know what that is, I’ll explain in a moment).

Given the general carnage of the tournament, I knew there would be some downright ugly entries — including mine, after Saturday night’s loss by Ohio State at the hands of Wichita State. But this, this is unprecendented in the history of AUCNFFC.

Before we get to the futility, let’s take a look at how everyone else is doing. There are a bunch of you who picked Louisville to not only make the Final Four, but to win the whole tournament. But in each of those cases, you guys had just one correct Final Four pick — the Cardinals — with the possibility of adding more points only if Looavull advances.

And yeah, it’s looking like the tiebreaker is going to be even more important this year than it was a year ago.

Those who have Louisville winning the tournament; in all cases, you two points for the correct Final Four pick and a possibility of 10 more:

  • My Mom
  • Aunt Annoyed Angel
  • Casey
  • Clara
  • Calipanthergrl
  • Barb
  • Scooter
  • Patrick

I think there’s one other person who would win the whole freakin’ thing, but she’d do it if Syracuse comes out on top. Jenn has the Orangemen beating Ohio State in the final (sigh); she has two points in hand and as many as 10 more to earn if ‘Cuse is the champion.

As we work our way down the standings, it’s worth pointing out that Pghrugbyref is actually our leader at the moment. He correctly picked both Louisville and Syracuse making the Final Four; unfortunately, he also picked Kansas and Ohio State to play in the title game, so he has no more points to earn.

And then we have the handful of people who made one correct Final Four pick — Louisville  — but don’t have that team going much further. These folks have two points in hand, with the possibility of earning four more. It ain’t going to be enough to win, but making any correct picks this year should be something to be proud of:

  • Tim
  • Fred
  • Kewyson

We have one more person in the Two Plus Four Club, but she got there via a different path. RPM has Syracuse going as far as the title game, but not winning the title.

Another group, this one including entries who gained two points for a correct Final Four pick but cannot earn any additional points:

  • Jaci
  • Ethel
  • Susan
  • Joe
  • Sheepthemoon

And that brings us to the special group, those of us who — this year, anyway — ride the college basketball short bus.

If you are new to AUCNFFC, you may not be familiar with the term Blutarsky. You are likely familiar with the scene from Animal House,  when members of Delta visit Dean Wormer in his office, to discuss the mid-term grades of the fraternity’s members. We all recall what happened when Wormer addresses John Belushi’s character. The words, at this point, are immortal.

“MISTER Blutarsky…”

Without further ado, the EAUCNFFC Blutarsky award winners:

  • Uncle Crappy
  • Mrs. Crappy
  • CrappyDad
  • DJ Lunchbox
  • HP
  • Bluzdude
  • Otimemore
  • Infinitebuffalo
  • Grandpa Caldwell
  • Styx4me
  • Carla
  • Kelly (and Evan)
  • Dish
  • Michael
  • Zombie Dudders
  • Juan

I would point out that this year’s tournament made it unusually difficult to make correct picks of any kind. I would point that out, but I would just be making excuses for my — our — pathetic performances. Thanks for playing, fellow Blutarskys — I hope we all do better next year.


If you attended Podcamp Pittsburgh Four, you’ll probably recall these two (Not Sorg. I’m sure you already know him.)

They’ll be in town this weekend. And they want to have a drink with you on Saturday night.

HP and DD will magically appear at Piper’s sometime ar0und 7 p.m. Saturday; I imagine we’ll be there for a while. So come by whenever you have a minute, have a beer and say hello.

Because if you don’t, you might get a look like this.

1. a little help.

Besides making what turned out to be a half-hearted stab at getting back into blogging in October, I made another pretty serious change last month — and I’m at the point where I’m going to ask you for help.

Since I started running, I’ve been overwhelmed with the number of people who have taken the time to offer support here, at Daily Mile or elsewhere. And despite the fact that I had to take nearly a week off because of the Mancold, it’s continued to pay dividends.

I have a couple C25K workouts under my belt since I returned, and I feel like I’m mostly recovered from the unplanned week off. And that’s good, because the first of my goals is coming up in about six weeks.

I promised you when I started that I’d pick a 5K and give it a shot.

Done. The chosen race is the Jingle Bell Run/Walk on the North Shore the morning of December 10; I picked that one because we live close, the course is dead flat and Allegheny General Hospital is just a few blocks away.

(I’m kidding about that last part. Mostly.)

That will be my first 5K as a runner. I’m excited. And terrified. And excited. And terrified.

And I hope you can join me.

I know that’s a ridiculously busy time of year and I understand if you can’t make it. But if you have time — and you want to — I’d love to see you there. You can run it if you want. You can run with me if you want — although I’m still pretty much unable to speak while running, so I’m not sure how entertaining that would be. And even if you only had time to stop by the finish and watch me struggle across, it would mean the world to me.

(Also, I’ll probably need a whole bunch of people to help carry me back to my car.)

Again, I understand if you can’t make it. No worries. If you can, though, I’d love you forever.