30. nablopomaybe.

(Some of you may have noticed this post already in your readers. The lesson there is to not tinker with your blog at 3 a.m., because you will screw something up.)

As I set out to do on June 1, I have written 30 posts in the month’s 30 days, which means I’ve successfully completed the challenge of National Blog Posting Month.


OK. It’s possible that I’ve cheated along the way. I’ve pretty much abandoned this month’s theme (permissible, I think), and I’ve also put up some real crap along the way (a NaBloPoMo necessity.) But I’ve also written pretty good posts about Helen Thomas, the Phish show we saw at Blossom and, with the help of my friend Kelly, some good stuff about college football.

But what I didn’t do was complete those 30 posts in 30 consecutive days. Which kinda is the whole idea of NaBloPoMo.

Or is it?

I am turning to you guys to help me decide whether or not I can count this as a successful NaBloPoMo month for Uncle Crappy. I’m hoping I can trouble you to offer your vote in the poll that follows; if you have other thoughts, please leave ’em in the comments.

Thank you for your help. I’ll put up yet another post tonight to discuss the results.

once again.

At about this time a year ago, I was dying to go skiing — and the weather posed something of a problem.

Here we are again — I can go tomorrow, but the weather seems bent on making my day as difficult as possible.

Last year, it was the cold, as in a high of 1, which the Seven Springs public announcer guy gleefully announced sometime in the afternoon. But even with the epic cold, I had one of the better days of the year — great snow, and just about no one there to share it with.

It’ll be brisk tomorrow, but that’s not the problem. The problem is the 10 inches of snow the National Weather Service says Seven Springs could get between now and the time I would be finishing up a day of skiing tomorrow afternoon.

If I can get there, the skiing will be unbelievable. It’ll be cold, so the snow should be pretty dry and light, meaning I’ll have an actual powder day. And, as was the case a year ago, the weather should keep away an awful lot of people who would normally be tracking up my snow. I’m confident in saying it would be one of the best days I’ll ever have at Seven Springs.

But. Notice how I said “if I can get there.” I should also add “if I can get back home.” I’m not so much worried about the turnpike, but there are a lot of fun twisty little roads that take you from the Donegal exit up to the resort. Even a little snow can make those tricky; a lot can make it treacherous.

So. I asked you last year and I’m asking once again: Drive through the snow or be safe and stay home. Vote in the poll below; if you feel the need to elaborate — and I hope you do — please leave a comment as well. What’s it going to be, yinz guys?



I generally have no problem with doing stupid things. Stupid and potentially dangerous is something else.

After a brief reminder of what single-digit temperatures feel like this morning — the kick-ass little weather monitor thing The Wife just bought for me says it’s 6 in my backyard — I’m wondering about the wisdom of going skiing tomorrow.

And I hope you can help me make a decision.

Some stuff to know:

  • I love skiing, and not starting until this late in the season makes Uncle Crappy a grumpy boy.
  • Temperature aside, the skiing will be fabulous. Seven Springs got 8 inches of fresh snow in the last 24 hours, and added more on top of that in snowmaking areas. They could get as much as 3 additional inches by the time they open tomorrow morning.
  • You can’t really put aside the temperatures. Thursday night’s low out there is 6 below. The forecast high is 1. There’s an excellent chance it wouldn’t warm to above zero until the afternoon, when I would be getting ready to leave.
  • I have plenty of gear to keep me warm, but I hate wearing those things that cover my face. Snot-catchers. Yuck.
  • There’s plenty of stuff for me to take care of in the house if I stay home.
  • Seven Springs won’t be crowded.
  • I could wait a week. But there’s a chance of rain next Friday.

So. What do you think I should do? If you feel the need to elaborate on your vote, please leave a comment as well.