At about this time a year ago, I was dying to go skiing — and the weather posed something of a problem.

Here we are again — I can go tomorrow, but the weather seems bent on making my day as difficult as possible.

Last year, it was the cold, as in a high of 1, which the Seven Springs public announcer guy gleefully announced sometime in the afternoon. But even with the epic cold, I had one of the better days of the year — great snow, and just about no one there to share it with.

It’ll be brisk tomorrow, but that’s not the problem. The problem is the 10 inches of snow the National Weather Service says Seven Springs could get between now and the time I would be finishing up a day of skiing tomorrow afternoon.

If I can get there, the skiing will be unbelievable. It’ll be cold, so the snow should be pretty dry and light, meaning I’ll have an actual powder day. And, as was the case a year ago, the weather should keep away an awful lot of people who would normally be tracking up my snow. I’m confident in saying it would be one of the best days I’ll ever have at Seven Springs.

But. Notice how I said “if I can get there.” I should also add “if I can get back home.” I’m not so much worried about the turnpike, but there are a lot of fun twisty little roads that take you from the Donegal exit up to the resort. Even a little snow can make those tricky; a lot can make it treacherous.

So. I asked you last year and I’m asking once again: Drive through the snow or be safe and stay home. Vote in the poll below; if you feel the need to elaborate — and I hope you do — please leave a comment as well. What’s it going to be, yinz guys?


  1. Mike, I’m not a skier(sp) I know you are. I can’t imagine being one and not going for it in a weather year that starts like this one has. I’ve heard, as I’m sure you have, reports of snowness maximus coming out of seven springs. You should go, they’ve been clearing those roads for yinzers to get to the slopes for decades dude…roll out and say hi to my neighbor Eric who took a job up there as an instructor and a big shout out to Al gore! have fun!!


  2. God yes…GO! We don’t get enough days of skiing in 10 inches of powder. Owen and I were supposed to go tomorrow (we’ll have similar snowfall by tomorrow night too), but he’s sick.


  3. Think about the posts you’ll be able to write if you go. Even if you don’t make you’ll have some good material, heck, it might be better than if you do make it. Based on “postability”, man vs. wild beats man vs. couch every time.


    P.S. But be careful.


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