eaucnffc (btybb) tipoff.

It’s only March, but I’m pretty sure that, as always, this will work out to be the longest Uncle Crappy post of 2016. And “this,” of course, is the annual roundup of entries in the Eleventh Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Bocktown).

And, as usual, we start with me.

Texas A&M beats Cal, and UNC beats Sparty.

Mrs. Crappy would be happy with a Carolina win, but the Aggies will take the title, 79-73.

Jenn “Porch Daiquiri” Strang, who once again was the first to enter the contest:

Final Four: Kansas, Texas A&M, Michigan State, Indiana

Championship game: Texax A&M vs Indiana

Champion: Texas A&M 73-71

Multi-year AUCNFFC winner Mr. Burns rejoins us after a three-year absence:

Kansas, North Carolina, Texas A&M, Michigan State // Kansas v Michigan State // Kansas, 74-68.

Fellow Bobcat Sara, who has no LSU Tigers in the tournament:

FF: Kansas v Duke, UK v MSU.

Championship: Kansas v MSU.

MSU 85-79

Sara’s husband Enzo:

Kansas, Texas am, Kentucky, MSU.

Texas am, MSU.

MSU. 139.

AJ, who, like me, has no Buckeyes to back this year:

Nova, A&M, UNC, MSU.

Nova, UNC.

UNC 132

Joe “Had Too Much Too Fast” Cernelli:

FF: Kansas v Oklahoma, UNC v MSU

Final: Kansas v MSU

Champ: MSU 73-67

Ms. Dana “She’ll Make You Toast” Bee:

Final Four: Kansas vs. Oklahoma, N. Carolina vs. Michigan State
Championship Game: Kansas vs. Michigan State
Champion: Kansas, 74-72

Starts With Dish:

Final Four: Kansas over Cincinnati and Michigan State over North Carolina
Championship: Kansas over Michigan State, 69-62
Tournament Highlight: Duke loses to Yale in the Round of 32!

Note: I told Dish that I’d buy him a beer if his Duke/Yale prediction comes true.

Otimemore, whom I know pretty much because of AUCNFFC:

Final 4: Kansas vs Arizona; Kentucky vs Notre Dame
Championship Game: Kansas vs Notre Dame
Champion: Kansas 68-59


Maryland over Oregon, Virginia over Xavier
Championship Maryland over Virginia 72-64

Highlight? Notre Dame gets spanked. But then again isn’t that *always* a highlight?

My CnC Show co-host Carla:

Final Four: Kansas over Oklahoma. Michigan State over Kentucky.
Title: Michigan State over Kansas, 76-68.

(Go B1G.)

Reluctant B1G fan JD:

Kansas, Oklahoma, UNC, Mich St.

Kansas over Mich St 78-73

Curl Girl Michelle:

Final Four: Villanova vs Oregon and North Carolina vs Virginia

Championship game: Villanova vs Virginia

Champion: Virginia, 78-68

Good luck everyone!!

The Sports Chump:

My Final Four: Kansas, Oregon, Kentucky, Michigan State
My Final Game: Kansas over Michigan State by a final score of 72-62.

Best of luck to all.


Iowa, St. Joe’s, Xavier, MSU;

final St. Joe’s and Xavier; Xavier wins, 66-63.


KU, Oklahoma, UNC, MSU;

final UNC and MSU; MSU wins, tiebreaker is 98.

The wee lad Patrick O’Shea:

Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Michigan State.

final North Carolina and Kansas, winner Kansas by a score of 73-68


Kansas v Oregon
Xavier v Virginia

Kansas over Xavier 69-66


It’s the time of year for me to randomly pick four collegiate basketball programs that I know nothing about, so here goes:

Maryland v Saint Joseph’s
Pitt v Gonzaga

Maryland beats Gonzaga 72-68

Thanks for doing this again, and best of luck to all participants!


Kansas v. Oklahoma
UNC v. Michigan State

Michigan State v. Oklahoma

Michigan State 72-66

The Bitch Desk:

I also don’t follow bball, so these are random choices:

Kansas very Oklahoma
N Carolina v Michigan St

Kansas v Michigan St

Michigan St 67-64

Former champ Father Spoon, who may be slightly delusional:

Virginia vs Kentucky
Kansas vs Oregon

Kentucky beats Oregon 72-69

With the win, Ashley Judd is so overcome with joy she calls me up to go out. We have beers. I take selfies. Life is good.

Almost annual participant Susan:

Iowa, Oklahoma, NC, Michigan St.

Iowa, Mich St. Mich St. 151. Go Big10!

Noted television personality Jim Lokay:


Will, aka Lunchbox, aka Birdshit:

Final Four: UNC-Asheville vs. Duke and Kentucky vs Gonzaga

Championship game: UNC-Asheville vs Gonzaga

Champion: Gonzaga

Tiebreaker: 107

Asheville because I’m going there for vacation this spring, Duke because why not, Kentucky because I love chicken and, as always, Gonzaga because I like the name. I picked Gonzaga as the winner, because I couldn’t pick The Pistol Shrimps, stars of my favorite podcast.


Work Kelly (as opposed to Mrs. Crappy, who was too busy dealing a stomach bug to complete any brackets):

Kansas vs. Duke, West Virginia vs. Virginia

Virginia beats Duke, 82-78

As is tradition, we enter Juan, oh he of very little basketball knowledge, using the picks of Phil’s Mom … and Juan stands to avoid being Blutarskied this year:

UNC vs. Butler. Colorado vs. Baylor.

Colorado beats UNC. Still thinking a tiebreaker won’t be necessary.

And that’s everyone’s picks, yinz guys. Standard caveat: I almost always overlook someone in the rush to get this posted; if you have suffered this indignity, let me know and I’ll correct the problem right away.

Thanks to Chris and Bocktown for their participation once again – it’s always nice to be able to offer fabulous prizes that are actually fabulous. And most of all, thanks to you guys, for entering, for reading and for enabling me to continue this thing (AUCNFFC) for 11 years and this other thing (Uncle Crappy the blog) for even longer.

Good luck to all – especially me.


taucnffc (btybb) tipoff.

Another year, more happy Dayton people.
Another year, more happy Dayton people.

On or about this date every March I post what is inevitably the longest post of the year. And that is this one: the one where we go through each and every entry in the Tenth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought to you by Bocktown).

(Except for the ones that I miss. But we’ll get to that in a little bit.)

So. Let’s start with me:

Generally, I don’t need no stinkin’ Badgers, but in this case, I think the B1G champs are one of a select few that has a reasonable shot at beating Kentucky. Thusly:

Wisconsin beats Kentucky, Gonzaga beats Virginia. And Wisky downs the Dogs in the final, 68-65.

My immediate family members are sitting out TAUCNFFC, but Fred and Ethel are like family, so they’re up next.


Butler v. UNC, Louisville v. Iowa State

Final: UNC v. Louisville

Winner: UNC

Total points: 137

(Banking on UNC winning it all in honor/memory of Dean Smith)


Final Four: UK v. Arizona, UVA v. Iowa St.

Final: Arizona v. UVA

Winner: Arizona

Total Points: 96

And now, the rest of yinz guys, in no particular order.


Kentucky beats Arizona, Iowa State beats Northern Iowa, and the Cyclones beat Kentucky in the final; tiebreaker is 142.

Dana Bee:

ok, let’s do this

Final Four:
Iowa State



Tiebreaker: 143


Final Four: Butler vs. Wisconsin, Michigan State vs. Gonzaga
Championship game: Wisconsin vs. Gonzaga
Champion: Wisconsin
Tiebreaker: 123 (64-59)


Final four: Kentucky, Duke, Arkansas and Louisville. Final two? Kentucky and Louisville. Winner KY. Points? 134.

Father Spoon:

Final Four – Kentucky, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Robert Morr… I mean Duke
Championship Game – Kentucky vs Duke
Champion – Kentucky
Tie Breaker – 132

While I still have a broken heart over Ashley Judd not taking me up on my offer to stay at my place for the NIT a few years back, I still have to pull for her team.

Work Kelly:

Wisconsin beats Notre Dame, Iowa State beats Louisville.

Wisconsin beats Iowa State, 72-65.

Starts with Dish:

Final Four: Arizona over Kentucky, Virginia over Utah
Championship: Arizona over Virginia
Tiebreaker: 121

The traditional annual Duke upset will be Utah over Duke, with America united in support for a thrilling Utah squad defending America’s honor against those evil blue devils. U-S-A!!!


Kentucky (Midwest)
Arizona (West)
Virginia (East)
Iowa State (South)

Kentucky over Virginia
139 Total Score

Bonus upset pick for everyone: #14 Eastern Washington over #4 Georgetown and #14 Georgia State over #4 Baylor

Curl Girl Michelle:

Final Four: Kentucky, Arizona, Villanova, Duke

Finals: Kentucky vs. Duke

Winner: Kentucky

Tiebreaker: 132

Chris Humpherys, AKA SportsChump:

Kentucky over Arizona, Duke over Virginia, Kentucky over the Dukies. Combined final score in the big game = 149

Newcomer Jim Hollenbeck (welcome!), who should know that $50 would get him a lot of excellent food at Bocktown even without a single beer (but the choice is his, of course).

OK Unc. Here some picks as good as a teacher’s key…
Final Four: Kentucky, Wisconsin, Villanova, Duke
Semi: Kentucky vs Villanova
Wiener: Kentucky
I’m a recovering alcoholic… So I won’t be going to Bocktown…send me a PB&J sandwich instead.

Fellow former Ohioan Bluzdude:

Here’s my buzzer-beater…
Final Four: Kentucky, Wisconsin, Louisville, Duke
Semi: Kentucky , Duke
Winner Kentucky
game = 124

Fellow Pittsburgh Buckeye Jaci Dean:

Here’s mine:
Final four: Kentucky, Wisconsin, Villanova, Duke
Finals: Kentucky, Duke
Champ: Kentucky
Score: 145

Joe Cernelli:

Final Four: Kentucky, Wisconsin, Virginia, Gonzaga
Championship Game: Kentucky, Virginia
Champion: Kentucky
Tiebreaker: 125

Michael Fulk:

Final Four: Kentucky, Wisconsin, Virginia, Gonzaga
Championship Game: Kentucky, Virginia
Champion: Kentucky
Tiebreaker: 125

Jenny Lee:

Final Four: Kentucky vs. Wisconsin; Duke vs. Villanova

Championship game: Wisconsin vs. Villanova

Champion: Wisconsin

Tiebreaker: 147


Iowa St.

Iowa St


Tiebreaker: 130 points


Final Four: Kentucky vs Arizona, Villanova vs. Gonzaga
Then it’s Kentucky vs Gonzaga
Champs: Kentucky
Tiebreaker: 136

Matt Noonan, whose East Coast, anti-college-athletics bias is showing:

Final Four: Kentucky vs. Arizona, Iowa State vs. Villanova
Championship game: Kentucky vs. Iowa State
Champion: Kentucky
Tiebreaker: 142

A team of NBA prospects beats a team with an NBA style offense to prove the uselessness of the college basketball.


short on time – no commentary –
Kentucky / Wisconsin w the Badgers prevailing
Duke / Villanova w the Blue Devils winning
Duke over Wisconsin 162

A confident Tom Bickert:

I’m going to go with Kentucky vs. Arizona (sort of Yinzer coaching competition) on the left side of the bracket, and Villanova vs. Gonzanga on the right side (because Gonzanga is the only school I see in the tourney with a Z in the name.) From there, I look for Kentucky to take on Gonzanga in the finals. Kentucky will win with a combined final score of 141. I think that covers everything. Let me know when I can pick up the gift card.


So I had a bracket all set and then you post the link to fivethirtyeight and I fell down that rabbit hole. At least I was at home and didn’t waste any company time. (And I didn’t change my original choices)

Final Four: Maryland, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Gonzaga

Final: Wisconsin, Gonzaga

Champ: Gonzaga, 176 points.

Thanks again to you and Bocktown!


this is the first I’ve reviewed a bracket and I gave it 2 min of consideration, but here we go: KY, AZ, OK and Gonzaga. AZ vs OK in final. AZ wins. 122 final combined.

I think Abby has created a new verb:

ok, I’m gonna sports now: Indiana, N Carolina, Oklahoma, Gonzaga … OK over NC. 73-64.


Kansas, Duke, UVA, Baylor. Kansas and UVA championship. UVA champion. 135 tiebreaker.


I need in on this. Kentucky, Arizona, N Iowa, Iowa St. Kentucky, Iowa St. Kentucky. 127



Jason Cercone:

UK, Wisc, VA, Gonzaga / UK, VA / UK. 151. Chalk me up on the big board, Mr. Costanza!


Kentucky Ariz Okla Iowa St.
Kentucky Okla


Butler/Baylor/Villanova/Duke, Duke over Butler 78-77


Figured i’ll throw my hat in the TAUCNFFC ring. Kentucky, Arizona, Louisville, Gonzaga. Kentucky over Louisville 89-84

Carla, whose picks might possibly include an unwritten upset of Dook by Robert Morris:

I’m in.

Kentucky-Arizona, Virginia-Iowa State
Kentucky-Iowa State


Let’s go chalk….

Kentucky v. Wisconsin, UVA-Duke




Jenn Strang:

Final Four: Wisconsin vs. Kentucky, Gonzaga e vs. Virginia

Championship game: Kentucky vs. Virginia

Champion: Kentucky

Tiebreaker: 131

Will, aka Lunchbox, aka Birdshit:

Final Four: Kentucky vs. Arkansas and Michigan St vs Gonzaga
Championship game: Arkansas vs Gonzaga
Champion: Gonzaga
Tiebreaker: 107

This information is based on almost nothing aside from the fact I like the name Gonzaga. I had the cast of Mamas Family in the Final Four before I realized what basketball was.

And as we always do, we close with Juan, oh he of very little basketball knowledge. I was able to track down the picks of Phil’s Mom this year … and they don’t completely suck:

Providence beats Gonzaga, Xavier beats Butler, and Providence beats Xavier in the final.

(No, there’s no tie-breaker. Juan will lose big or win big, and no one else will be close in either case.)

And that’s everyone’s picks, yinz guys. Standard caveat: I almost always overlook someone’s picks in the rush to get this posted; if you have suffered this indignity, let me know and I’ll correct the problem right away.

Thanks to Chris and Bocktown for their participation once again – it’s always nice to be able to offer fabulous prizes that are actually fabulous. And most of all, thanks to you guys, for entering, for reading and for enabling me to continue this thing (AUCNFFC) for 10 years and this other thing (Uncle Crappy the blog) for even longer. Good luck to all – especially me.

naucnffc (btybb) tipoff.

If it’s the longest post of the year, it has to be time to go through the entries of the Ninth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Bocktown).

Because of a couple of work things on Thursday afternoon, I’m posting this nearly a full day later than I usually do. I appreciate your patience; I also appreciate that most of you appeared to heed my warning about Ohio State’s first-round game against Dayton.

As is tradition, we’ll begin with the picks of yours truly:

I approached this year’s tournament with one thing in mind: Don’t be chalky. And I think I did pretty well.

Kansas v. Iowa State / Arizona v. Wichita State

Wichita State beats Kansas for the title, 79-78

(And yes, I think Ohio State will beat Dayton, in an uncomfortably close game.)

Family always comes first. That segment begins, as usual, with Mrs. Crappy, who’s all about the nicknames this year:

‘Cuse beats Cincy, Zaga beats Dook. ‘Cuse beats Dook for the championship (114 points).

Here’s Crappydad, whose geographic concentration is, uh, stunning:

Michigan State beats Florida. Michigan beats Arizona. And Michigan State beats that other team from the State Up North, 64-52.

Next up is my mom, who doesn’t want anything Crappy attached to her name:

Final Four: Florida & MSU, Arizona & Louisville

Final: Florida & Arizona

Winner: Florida

Score: 68-66

Next up is our defending AUCNFFC champion, Aunt Annoyed Angel:

Final four: Florida v Virginia & Wisconsin v Wichita State.

Championship game Florida v Wichita State. Champion: Florida. Tiebreaker: 162.

And then the rest of you, in no particular order. We start with Otimemore; the only reason I know Otimemore personally is because of this here college basketball pool:

Final four: Florida v. Villanova. – Arizona v. Louisville

Final Florida v. Arizona

Champ Arizona (149 pts)

Past AUCNFFC champion Casey:

Final Four: Florida vs. Iowa State / Baylor vs. Louisville

Championship: Florida over Louisville (150 points)

The lovely and talented Dana Bee:

FF: Louisville vs. Oklahoma – Kansas vs. UCONN

Final: Louisville vs. Kansas

Champ: Kansas

Tiebreaker: 154

The SportsChump gets in on the action for the first time:

Final Four: Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin, Duke

Florida over Duke in the championship game, Total Score: 144

Gina and her menagerie are giving it another shot. Sort of.

OK – so the stupid dog won’t pick and the cats are idiots, so I had to pick my own final four, then I rolled the papers into balls & threw them across the room. The winner went furthest. Next year, I’m letting the hermit crab pick.

Final Four: Michigan St vs. Kansas, Wichita St vs. Arizona

Championship game: Michigan St vs. Wichita St

Champion: Michigan St

Tiebreaker: 148

AUCNFFC veteran Curl Girl Michelle:

Final Four: Florida vs. Virginia / Arizona vs. Wichita St.

Championship: Virginia vs. Arizona

Champion: Arizona

Tiebreaker: 137

The wise and knowledgeable Chachi:

Final four: Kansas v. Villanova, Arizona v Wichita State

Final Villanova v. Wichita St.

Champ Villanova

Tiebreaker: 139 points

Past champ Barb:

Final four:  Syracuse vs. Virginia, Wisconsin vs. Louisville

Champ Game: Syracuse vs. Wisconsin

Champ: Wisconsin

Tiebreaker: 140

Terry Coyne, I have no idea who you are, but thanks so much for playing along:

Final Four: Florida v. North Carolina and Arizona v. Louisville

Championship game: Florida v. Louisville

Champion: Florida

Tiebreaker: 161

Fellow former Ohioan Bluzdude:

Final 4: Florida vs Michigan State, Arizona vs Duke.

Championship Game: Florida vs Duke

Champion: Florida

Tiebreaker: 126

I’m glad I don’t have to pick a favorite rugby player in Pittsburgh; picking my favorite Pghrugbyref, however, is easy:

Final Four: VCU, UVA, Creighton, Duke

Championship: VCU v Creighton

Champ: Creighton

Tiebreaker: 121

Doug, aka Father Spoon, aka Doogle, aka past AUCNFFC champ:

Final Four: Florida vs. Villanova, Michigan vs. Arizona

Championship game: Villanova vs.Michigan

Champion: Michigan

Tiebreaker: 149

Trailion’s son Evan is trying to kill me:

Michigan State defeats Kansas.
Michigan defeats Arizona.
Wolverines beat Sparty. SPARTY, NOOOOOOO!

Dish is also trying to kill me:

I’m still waiting for The College of New Jersey to somehow earn a 16-seed one of these years. My main guiding principle is screw Duke. Also picking two Michigan teams to see Uncle Crappy’s head explode.

Florida over Michigan State
Michigan over Creighton

Final: Florida over Michigan (121)

Hellpellet’s assessment is correct:

Florida, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Louisville

FL vs Luhvl with FL winning.

Tiebreaker 142

Earliest I’ve ever gotten this to you? Yes, I think so.

Foodcollage, a Buckeye by way of Canada, returns with more picks:

Final Four: Florida vs. Michigan State, Arizona vs. Louisville

Championship game: Florida vs. Louisville

Champion: Florida

Tiebreaker: 157

Go Bucks!!

Redpenmamapgh’s treatment of North Carolina will make Mrs. Crappy happy:

Final Four: Syracuse vs. N. Carolina, Baylor vs. Duke

Final: Duke vs. Syracuse

Winner: Syracuse

tiebreaker: 122

My old friend Kewyson:

In the Final 4 – Syracuse will meet Michigan State – with the green prevailing over the Orange. Arizona will meet The Team Up North – with the Tucson team winning. MSU will win the final – with a score of 87 over 79.

Tim, another former AUCNFFC champion:

Florida, Nova, Arizona, Duke


Florida 128

My Carla and Crappy Show co-star knows college basketball too:

Kansas – Michigan St
Arizona – Louisville

Kansas – Louisville

130 (68-62)

My colleague Kristen came up with solid picks, despite claims of college basketball ignorance:

Final Four: Kansas/Michigan State and Wisconsin/Duke

Final: Kansas/Duke

Winner: Duke

Tiebreaker: 137

My #asistradition buddy Jenny worked much of Wednesday afternoon to come up with these:


Final: FLA – WICH

Win: FLA

Tie: 148

My grumpiest colleague, J.D., is hoping some Bocktown fries will cheer him up:

Final Four: Florida, Michigan State, Arizona, Louisville

Championship game: Florida and Arizona

Champion: Florida

Tiebreaker: 160

Another colleague, Megan, joins us for the first time:

Final Four: Florida vs. Michigan State; Arizona vs. Michigan

Championship game: Florida vs. Arizona

Champion: Florida

Tiebreaker: 87 to 82 (169)

We can all be thankful that Bill’s son, a noted college basketball savant, didn’t enter. We’re happy to have Bill’s picks, though:

Final Four: Syracuse vs. Michigan State/Kentucky vs. Az.

Final: Michigan State vs. Kentucky

Winner: Go ‘Cats, for my Dad, a native of Ky. who always believed in UK, except in football, as he was occasionally a wise man.

And Bill helpfully added a short time later:

If the ‘Cats win, I won’t need a tiebreaker, but I’ll post one anyway: 125

I’m not going to let the fact that Shane is my boss to influence the outcome of NAUCNFFC in any way. Probably.

Final Four: Florida vs. Michigan State; Arizona vs. Louisville

Final: Florida vs. Arizona

Winner: Florida 68, Arizona 64 (132 total)

Eric, a sportswriting professional, heads off the beaten path:

FINAL FOUR: Florida, Iowa State, Arizona, Wichita State

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Florida 71, Wichita State 60

Why? Because everyone is picking Louisville and Michigan State

Tom returned from vacation just in time to enter:

Florida, Virginia, Arizona and Louisville
Final: Virginia and Arizona
Champion: Arizona
Tiebreaker: 156

Patrick’s back:

Fla.Michigan StateArizonaLouisville


Fla., 130

Grandpa Caldwell, who is a long way from being an actual grandfather:

final 4: osu v Villanova; sd state v Michigan. Champ game: Villanova v Michigan. Winner: Villanova. Tiebreaker: 145

Veteran AUCNFFCer Scooter, who didn’t pick Pitt:

Final Four: Florida, Michigan St., Louisville, Arizona

Final: Florida v. Louisville

Champion: Florida

Tiebreaker: 142

Penn Stater Neilson is sticking with the Big Ten:

Final Four: Florida vs. Michigan State / Arizona vs. Michigan

Championship: Florida over Michigan (137 points)

Doctor Lunchbox: No, thank you, sir:

Final Four: Michigan State vs. Florida and Louisville vs. Arizona
Championship game: Michigan State vs. Louisville
Champion: LouisvilleTiebreaker: 107
Thank you, sir.

And then there’s Juan, oh he of little basketball knowledge. I was able to track down the pick’s of Phil’s mom, so that’s what Juan gets again this year:

Gonazaga beats UMass, Colorado beats Iowa State. And Colorado beats ‘Zaga for the title. God, let’s hope we don’t need a tiebreaker for this one.

And that’s it, boys and girls. Thanks again to Chris Dilla for the generous sponsorship, and thanks to each one of you who entered.

If I missed your entry or somehow screwed up something else — a thing we know from past experience is not only possible but likely — just let me know and I’ll get it fixed right away.

And, as usual, good luck to everyone. Especially Mrs. Crappy (Woooo, Bocktown dinner!).

Edit, Friday afternoon: I forgot to include Eric’s picks in the initial list; his stuff has since been added. And as past repeat AUCNFFC champion (and NAUCNFFC non-participant) Mr. Burns pointed out, I predicted that the championship game would end in a tie. Even though my tie-breaker doesn’t really matter because I can’t win my own contest, I’ve corrected my typo.

eaucnffc (btybb) tipoff.

As usual, we have a whole buncha entries for the Eighth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Bocktown) and, as usual, we have the longest post of the year to get through them all.

As is tradition, we’ll start with me:

Try and guess in what part of the country I grew up.

Michigan State vs. Ohio State/Georgetown vs. Indiana

Ohio State beats IU, and Tom Crean’s head literally explodes at center court following the game.

Tiebreaker: 140

As is tradition, we follow my picks with those of Mrs. Crappy:

Michigan State vs. Ohio State/Georgetown vs. Indiana

Indiana beats Michigan State

(No, she didn’t give me a tiebreaker. Yet.)

Family always comes first, right? Let’s start with CrappyDad:

Ohio State, Duke, Kansas, Miami

Ohio State beats Miami, 68-64

And then there’s My Mom (who doesn’t want anything Crappy attached to her name):

Ohio State, Louisville, Kansas, Indiana

Louisville beats Kansas, 69-65

And then the rest of yinz guys, in no particular order:

Our first entry came from first-time contestant DJ Lunchbox (which I promptly misplaced — sorry, Will):

Final Four: Oklahoma St. vs. Gonzaaga and Kansas vs. Indiana

Championship game: Oklahoma vs. Indiana

Champion: Indiana

Tiebreaker: 107

HP, who got some expert advice from her cat:

Kokopelli helped me with this. I would mention the game & then the winner….if he stared into space like his brain was off, it was no. If he blinked it was yes.

If he fell asleep it was a rematch later. Several cat naps and hours later, I had my results.

Duke Vs Gonzaga & Kansas Vs Marquette

Duke Vs Kansas

Kansas Wins 89-83

Tim, a past AUCNFFC champion, and a man of few words:

Louisville-OSU & Georgetown-Indiana, Lousiville-Indiana, Indiana TB: 136

Aunt Annoyed Angel, who has entered nearly every year, despite the following disclaimer:

Here we go. Picked totally at random, since I know nothing about basketball.

Final 4: Louisville & Gonzaga, Kansas St. & Indiana

Final 2: Louisville & Kansas St.

Winner: Louisville

Tie breaker: 157

My buddy Bluzdude, who is at least part Buckeye:

OK, here we go.

My picks are sponsored by Socrates, who said, “Knowledge is knowing that you know nothing.” Or was that Bill and Ted? Anyway…

Final Four: Duke vs OSU, Kansas vs Indiana

Semi’s: Duke vs Kansas

Champion: Kansas

Tiebreaker: 134

I did not know Otimemore when he submitted picks for the first time a year ago. He nearly won last year, and I’ve spent several nights drinking with him at Piper’s Pub since:

Duke, Wisconsin, Kansas, Miami

Wisconsin, Miami

Miami, 66-59

Infinitebuffalo, who, if I remember correctly, is a Michigan native:

Michigan State over Gonzaga. North Carolina over Marquette.

UNC over MSU (hey, I ain’t a complete homer).

Tiebreaker: 188.

Grandpa Caldwell, the Ohio State fan who went to school in Pittsburgh and now lives in Michigan, who is commenting on my initial doubts about the Buckeyes:

Final Four: OSU v. St. Louis; Georgetown v. Indiana

Championship: OSU v/ Georgetown

Champion: OSU

Tiebreaker: 142

Uncle Crappy – I’m with you on OSU, but I feel obligated to pick the bucks in at least one bracket every year; this COULD BE THE YEAR!

Long-time AUCNFFC contestant Mystery Michelle, AKA Curl Girl Michelle, AKA Styx4me:

My picks:

Final Four: Duke vs. Ohio St. and Kansas vs. Indiana

Championship: Duke vs. Kansas

Champion: Kansas

Tiebreaker: 148

Good luck everyone!

Jaci is another Buckeye; she gets points for honesty (and her apology):

Here we go….

Final Four: Louisville vs. Ohio State and Kansas vs. Indiana

Championship: Ohio State vs. Indiana

Champion: Indiana (sorry, OSU)

Tiebreaker: 145

Casey’s hungry for more free Bocktown:

Defending Co-Champion here, ready to defend my half crown.

Final Four: (1) Louisville vs (3) New Mexico / (2) Georgetown vs (1) Indiana

Finals: Louisville over Indiana

Tiebreak: 142 points

I didn’t actually meet Ohio State graduate Clara in person until later, but I met her, Twitter-wise, during last year’s tournament:

My EAUCNFFC entry:

Final Four: Louisville vs. Ohio State / Florida vs. Indiana

Championship game: Louisville vs. Florida

Champion: Louisville

(But I’d be more than happy to lose the EAUCNFFC if Ohio State wins)

Tiebreaker: 152

Go Bucks!

We not only have a Pghrugbyangel, but we also have a Pghrugbyref:

An entry to the EAUCNFFC (BTYBB) from PghRugbyRef

Final four:

Louisville, Kansas, Ohio State, Syracuse


Ohio State, Kansas



Final score total: 149

And also a Pghrugbyattorney; you’ll know her has regular AUCNFFC contestant Calipanthergrl (and no matter what she thinks, her picks are pretty good):

My selections are as follows:

Final Four: Louisville, Ohio State, Kansas, Indiana

Final: Indiana/Louisville

Champ: Louisville (74-68)

I actually think UL will have a tough time getting to the Final Four, but they have a legitimate shot to win this year so I can’t not pick them. *sigh* I look forward to being eliminated by the second weekend!

Carla and I did a show about the tournament for Draft Day Suit last night; while taping, she filed a kind of video entry, but you don’t have to sit through the whole thing to see it (EVEN THOUGH YOU SHOULD):

Michigan State vs. Gonzaga/Florida vs. Indiana

Indiana beats Gonzaga, 62-55

Barb’s disclaimer is kind of funny. How’d you like that Bocktown gift card last year?

Disclaimer: I know nothing about basketball (but co-won this last year).

Final 4: Louisville & Ohio State; Georgtown & Indiana
Final 2: Louisville & Georgetown
Winner: Louisville
Tie Breaker: 127

I think Ethel has played every single year:

OK, ready, finally. Louisville, OSU, Georgetown, Butler
Final: OSU vs. Butler
OSU wins 62-58

As has Fred, Ethel’s lovely and talented husband (via Ethel’s comment):

And an entry from Fred has surfaced in my email:

UL, Ohio State, Kansas, Miami
UL vs. Kansas
Kansas 80 -71

An entry from Susan, my favorite person on the internet that I haven’t had a chance to meet yet:

Louisville, N Mexico, Gtown, Indiana. New Mexico, Indiana. Indiana. 119

Kelly’s son Evan picked her brackets this year. Evan’s been raised as a Nittany Lion, so his picks are pretty funny (no matter what his mom thinks):

Pitt over Sparty

San Diego State over Indiana

Pitt over San Diego State, 111 points

I bet Joe would be happy to make the drive from Morgantown to claim the Bocktown gift card:

Final Four: Louisville v. Ohio St./Georgetown v. Indiana

Championship Game: Ohio St. v. Indiana

Champion: Indiana

Tiebreaker: 122

Welcome to first-time player Dish (and as I said on FB, I’m totally with him on the Duke thing):

You’ve convinced me! Semis: Michigan State over Ohio State (sorry!) and Indiana over Georgetown. Finals: Indiana over Michigan State, 63-57. And as always, my favorite part of the tournament is when Duke loses.

Former colleague Scooter, who knows better than to go with Pitt (even though I bet he’d like to):

Here’s the entry from Scooter’s G-Burg Gunners: Final Four: Louisville, New Mexico, Florida and Indiana

Championship Game: Louisville v. Indiana

Champion: Louisville

Points: 125

Michael joins us once again:

Final 4: Duke & Notre Dame; Kansas & Indiana

Final 2: Duke & Indiana

Winner: Indiana

Tie Breaker: 147

First-time player Jenn; I love that she feels like she has to apologize for her pick:

Final Four: Michigan State, OSU, Georgetown, Syracuse

Finals: OSU, Syracuse

Syracuse 67-OSU 63 (SORRY!)

Patrick (the wee lad) joins us for the first time:

First-time caller, long-time listener: Love the show!

Here is my 2-cents worth: Your Final Four will be Louisville vs. Gonzaga (sorry, Ohio State) and Kansas vs. Miami. Louisville and Miami then will clash with Louisville emerging victorious with a combined score of 138.

Just don’t tell my bookie where I live.

Zombie Dudders!

Final 4: Duke, Arizona, Kansas, and Indiana
Final 2: Arizona & Kansas
Winner: Kansas
Tie Breaker 132

RPM, whom I believe had help from one (or both?) of her daughters:

Final Four: Michigan St. v. Gonzaga, Syracuse v. Bucknell

Championship game: Gonzaga v. Syracuse

Champion: Gonzaga

tie breaker: 152

Sheepthemoon, whose dice seemed to do pretty well:

Disclaimer: I don’t follow college sports and know nothing about basketball. Guesses have been generated with me (A) being half asleep and/or (B) throwing dice.

Final 4: Louisville & Gonzaga, Florida & Syracuse.

Final 2: Louisville & Florida

Winner: Florida (gross. Stupid dice)

Tie Breaker: 133

Side note: Technically, dice chose Pitt to get into Final 4, but even I know not to bet on Pitt when it comes to hoops and the NCAA tournament.

One of my favorite annual sporting events: Kewyson’s dissection of the brackets:

Short on time – 12 noon now – 2 birds, a nut and a local yokal saying –

Louisville / OSU, with the Cards prevaiing (‘I shouldn’t have drank all of that Nyquil’ from Stripes reference gives the birds the power to beat out our Bucks.

Kansas / Indiana, with the boys from Bloomington beating out the Jayhawks – I believe their Harlem Globtrotter circus pants have special powers.

In the final, The Big Ten triumphs – not ony because we are the best league this year, but beacuase John Cougar hails from there, and kitties eat birds – and sing ditties. Total combined score – 144

And, as we do, we close with Juan, oh he of very little basketball knowledge. And here’s the thing, boys and girls — Phil’s mom did pretty well this year, even picking  a one seed — Gonzaga — to win it all:

Creighton vs. Gonzaga/UNC vs. Marquette

Gonzaga beats Marquette

(Editor’s note) I have no idea what to do about a tiebreaker here. I’m going to hope that we don’t actually need to use one here.

There you have it, boys and girls. Thanks again to Chris Dilla for the generous sponsorship, and thanks to each one of you who entered.

If I missed your entry or somehow screwed up something else (entirely possible), just let me know and I’ll get it fixed right away.

And, as usual, good luck to everyone. Especially Mrs. Crappy (Woooo, Bocktown dinner!).

svaucnffc (btybb) tipoff.

As usual, we have a ton of entries for the Seventh Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Bocktown), so let’s get right to the list, so we can get our first look at who might be in line to win our Bocktown gift card.

As per tradition, we start with yours truly:

If my Buckeyes are paying attention, they’re as good as anyone on the country. However, I’m betting that there will be a lapse at some point in the tournament, and if it happens against Florida State, Ohio State will be done. In that light:


Vanderbilt/North Carolina

Mizzou and Carolina face off in the title game, and even though Mrs. Crappy will be in bed by halftime, the Tar Heels will be this season’s national champions.

Mrs. Crappy is fairly predictable:

Kentucky/OSU & UNC/Kansas

Kentucky v UNC


Mom’s entry is awfully chalky:

Mike, Here is my entry: Final Four: Kentucky vs Mich. State and
Syracuse vs North Carolina. Final: Kentucky vs North Carolina. Winner:
Kentucky. Tie breaker: 74-72. How’s that for not going out on a limb?
No guts here! Mom

And no one should be surprised by my dad’s picks:

My final four are  UK/MSU and OSU/UNC       Champ Game is OSU 62 MSU 58.  Go Bucks.

Casey was one of a couple people to take advantage of the newly instituted Melo Rule. His amended picks:

As allowed by the Melo Rule, new updated picks:

Semi-Finals: Kentucky/Michigan State & Florida State/Kansas
Championship: Kentucky/Kansas
Champion: Kentucky

Defending champion Tim taunts Ted, who apparently didn’t enter this year:

Final 4: Duke, Mich St, Syracuse, UNC
Championship: Kentucky v. UNC
Champion: Kentucky 72-68

Looking to repeat! Ted, you don’t have a chance!

Curl Girl Michelle:

Kentucky/Missouri & Ohio St/North Carolina

Championship Game:
Kentucky/North Carolina

North Carolina 63-54

Good luck everyone!

Our favorite Aunt Annoyed Angel is back:

I never do well here, so I don’t know why I’m trying again, maybe to get my mind off of school for a hot second…

So, here I go.

Semis: KY/Mich St & OSU/NCU
Finals: KY/OSU
Winner: KY
Score: 74-68

Large made his picks before Phil’s Mom did:

Kentucky, Florida St., Kansas, Missouri
Kentucky, Florida St.

I always suck at this so my expectations match Juan’s.

Kim Z lives in the heart of B1G country, and you can see it in her picks:

Semis: Kentucky/Michigan State & Ohio State/Georgetown
Finals: Michigan State/Ohio State
Winner: Ohio State
Score: 67-61

I don’t know Adam Music (I don’t think I do, anyway), but his picks — especially the one about OU — are always welcome here:

Semis: Kentucky, Gonzaga, Murray State, North Carolina
Finals: Kentucky, North Carolina
Winner: UNC, 75-68
I did vote for the Bobcats to make it to the Sweet 16 though.

Jaci got married since last year’s tournament, but she’s still a Buckeye:

My picks:

Final Four: Kentucky/Michigan State and Ohio State/North Carolina.

Final: Kentucky/North Carolina

Winner: Kentucky – 77-68

Barb, there are millions of people around the country who share your irony:

Ironically, I know nothing about college b-ball, but enjoy March Madness every year!

Four: Kentucky, MI St., Syracuse, and Kansas
Final: Kentucky, Kansas
Winner: Kentucky, 76-75

Former Yinzteamer Michael joins us from Indiana:

Final Four: Kentucky/Missouri, Syracuse/Georgetown
Final: Kentucky/Syracuse
Winner: Kentucky — 72-64

The Most Rev. Father Spoon had Syracuse getting to the Final Four in his original version; he also took advantage of the Melo Rule:

DOH updating mine

FINAL 4 – Florida ST/UNC & Mich St/Kentucky

FINAL – Mich st / UNC

Champion – UNC

 I like Grandpa Caldwell’s picks:
Final Four: Ohio State/Kansas / Kentucky/Michigan State
Final: Ohio State / Kentucky
Winner: Ohio State: 72-69
Kimly got back to Pittsburgh just in time to join us for SVAUCNFFC:

OK here are my picks. It’s usually safest to bet AGAINST me. I’m always wrong.

Final Four: Michigan State, Duke, North Carolina, Ohio State

Finals: Michigan State/North Carolina
Winner: North Carolina
Score: 81-77

We’ll see if the Shadow knows:

duke/michigan state

duke over syracuse 59 to 58.

Gina has a long history of letting her pets make her picks. She really had to scrounge this year:

My dog doesn’t care & my cat is very bored by the whole thing, so I am picked myself up to the finals and then let (I kid you not) the goldfish pick the final winner:

Kentucky vs. Michigan State and Florida State vs Kansas
Michigan State vs Kansas
Michigan State 78-64

 Hellpellet couldn’t get her cat to pick for her, so she had to come up with her own:

DUKE wins

72 to 67

( I love that you said The OHIO Bobcats will beat Michigan…)

 I look forward to Kewyson’s AUCNFFC picks as much as I do anything else during the whole year:

Okay – here we go with my bball predictions for 2012 – first off, I have to give credit where credit is due – I stole these picks from someone who has a lot more focus on the game than I – if I win, I will certainly share the fabulous prize. He only has to track me down, correctly state where obtained said bracketology knowledge was hap-hazardly left lying around – in a condition that a reasonable person would conclude that this information was discarded, abandoned, neglected or simply posted on the Internet.

In the South-West corner – we have the feline connection. The battle of the cats – Kentucky’s WildCats taking on the Missouri Tigers. Although UC’s connection to the Bluegrass State would normally be enough for any of his loyal, supportive readers to go with Kentucky – I’m focusing on national parks – Mammoth Cave vs. Lake of the Ozarks – both certainly have unique attributes – however, Kentucky wins this draw due to the fact that it’s park is a natural creation and has less WalMart’s within a 50 mile radius.

In the East-MidWest corner – we have the plant / mineral confrontation. A nut (Buckeyes) vs. a mineral (Tar heel – my apologies to Dorset Ram – my simple stories cannot handle a multiple mascot concept). I feel in this primal battle between basic elements, reliance on a dead language is most useful.
• OSU: Disciplina in civitatem – Education for Citizenship
• UNC: Lux Libertas – Light & Liberty
Light and Liberty are 2 actionable items- shedding light and the act of liberty.
Education is and act, but Citizenship is a description.
UNC wins the motion test.

So we have Kentucky versus North Carolina. I’ll keep it simple – petrochemical countries continue to win over whiskey distilling ones 97% of the time – my prediction – UNC over Kentucky – 78 – 65


OK, here are mine (I’m logged in as momsbrain but, you know, this is Ethel)

Baylor v Missouri
Ohio State v UNC

OSU beats Missouri in the final

score: 66-63

Newcomer Garrett, who hooked me up with this year’s Phil’s Mom episode of the Kornheiser show:

Picks: Kentucky/Mizzou, Fla. St./UNC; Kentucky/UNC; Kentucky. 75-68

My favorite accordian player Fuzzwad:

bracket entry: Duke2/Mich St1, Wisc4/Kansas2, Duke2/Kansas2, Duke 55-47

I didn’t meet John until a few months ago; I’m happy he decided to join us:

Final 4: Kentucky, Mizzou, Fla St, UNC; Champ Game: Kentucky vs UNC; Champion: Kentucky Pts: 155

I don’t know who Otimemore is, but his or her picks are here. Thanks for playing:

Message: Semi finals

Kentucky / Kansas

Kentucky 83-78

My favorite editor Larry came up with especially good picks this year:

Ohio State/North Carolina

Kentucky/Michigan State

Ohio State over Kentucky in the final, total points 135.

Cindy’s back for another shot at the Bocktown gift card:

My picks:





From Nashvegas, we hear from Carla:

Going out on a limb this year. Because, well, why the heck not?

Final Four:
Kentucky/Michigan St. and Vandy/Kansas

Michigan St./Kansas

Michigan St.
67-60 (or 127 because we all suck at math).

Go Dores! Go Belmont! Go Bobcats! (I have them beating Michigan.)

An entry from Susan, one of my favorite internet people I’ve never actually met:

Baylor, Missouri, Syracuse, NC. Missouri, NC. NC. 148

New Dad, otherwise known as multiple AUCNFFC Champion Mr. Burns:

Kentucky, Mizzou // UNC, THE Ohio State University

Carolina Boy found me at the last second:

Final Four






UK Points: 141

My North Side neighbor Clif:

Final 4:
Kentucky/Michigan State and Ohio State/North Carolina

Championship Game: Michigan State/North Carolina

Champions: Michigan State  78 to 72

A veteran of many AUCNFFCs, Calipanthergrl:

You didn’t think I’d forget did you??  I’m going to go with:


Ohio State/North Carolina


Kentucky/North Carolina

North Carolina

Total points – 165

A new contestant, my friend #OhJill:

Final Four:
Kentucky/MSU & OSU/UNC

Championship Game:


And finally we have Juan, oh he of little basketball knowledge. We were able to track down Phil’s Mom’s picks, thanks to the aforementioned Garrett, and Juan actually has a shot this year:

Kansas State/Vermont


Baylor/Kansas State


(Yeah, we’re not going to worry about the tiebreaker for this one too much.)

And there you go, boys and girls, all 8,457 entries. If I screwed up your entry or missed it entirely — a distinct possibility — just let me know and I’ll get it straightened out. Thank you all for playing, thanks to Chris at Bocktown for the prize and good luck to everyone. Especially me.

17. tipoff.

We’ve got a bunch of great entries for the Sixth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought to you by Bocktown), although too damn many of you picked Ohio State.

But we’ll sort all that out after Thad Matta cuts down the nets on April  4. In the meantime, the games are getting started, and we should take a look at who’s picks will earn them the Bocktown gift card.

As we always do, we start with yours truly:

Ohio State beats San Diego State, which shows its season was not a fluke.

Pitt beats Notre Dame in a game that might not reach 60 total points.

And my Buckeyes beat the Panthers 82-78, giving me unlimited sports bragging rights in Pittsburgh, at least until football season begins.

As we always do, we go next to Mrs. Crappy, who is still a bit disgruntled about the state of OSU football:

OK, Final Four to Champs:

OSU v. Dook
Kansas v. Florida

OSU v. Florida

OSU wins avenging the 2007 season.
Go Buckeyes – in this bracket anyway!

And the rest of yinz guys, starting with Goon Squad Sarah, one of the two evil geniuses running Draft Day Suit:

Well, I’m in. And if I win it is just another excuse to come drink beer in Pittsburgh.

North Carolina v UConn,
Louisville v Pittsburgh

North Carolina v Pittsburgh


Next up is Andy, who provided me with enough meat via Burgh Baby’s baseball contest to account for several large farm animals:

If I get any of these right, I will be more surprised than anyone. And because if I win a gift card to Bocktown, my wife will insist we go there…

Ohio State v. San Diego State
Kansas v. Florida

Kansas v. Ohio State

Oooooooohhiii, nah I can’t do it. Kansas. 87-78.

But really, I don’t care if I win or not. I don’t really even care if my hometown Pitt Panthers don’t reach the final four again. I don’t care if the team that tore my heart out as a youth (Danny Manning, you still suck) wins another championship. I swear that all I want is for Rick Pitino to wear that ridiculous white suit again and for a courtside chili and tequila lover to vomit all over it.

As I said before, Andy: I’m totally pulling for that last part.

First-time player and full-time Buckeye Jaci:

I don’t know much about college basketball and make my picks off of my gut feelings (and have done pretty well in the past years from that), so here it is:

Ohio State vs Duke
Kansas vs Pitt

Ohio State vs Kansas

Ohio State = winner
Total score: 145

I’m dubious about her pick for the East region champion, but KimLy made Mrs. Crappy happy:

Note: I never *ever* win these, as one of my final four picks usually gets crushed in the first round.

So: N.Carolina v. UConn
Kansas v. Pitt

N.Carolina v. Kansas

N. Carolina.

That’s right. GO TARHEELS! Wooooo!

(Did I mention I suck at this?)

Casey: I can’t recall if we’ve met, but I’m digging your pick:

Ohio State vs Texas
Georgetown vs Pittsburgh

Ohio State over Pittsburgh

Total Score: 153

Doogle’s still bummed that Bobby Mo didn’t make the field:

Ohio State v Duke
Kansas v Florida

Kansas v Duke

Champion – Kansas
Final Score – 69-63

Fellow college football freak Kelly gives college basketball a shot:

Alright, giving this a try. Go BIG TEN.

Ohio State beats Arizona.
Notre Dame beats Wisconsin.
Ohio State beats Notre Dame, 127 total points.

Oh, and in case you wondered, Penn State beats Temple, but loses gloriously to San Diego State.

Adrienne, my favorite leprechaun anywhere, has to be happy that the tournament starts on st. Patrick’s Day:

Ohio State v. Duke
Pitt V. Notre Dame

Duke V. Notre Dame

Because that’s the score i always pick.

Also, I spelled leprechaun correctly on the first try.

Curl Girl Michelle de-lurked to join us a couple AUCNFFCs ago; she’s been a regular since:


Kansas vs. BYU
North Carolina vs. Duke


Duke vs. Kansas

Champion: Duke
Score: 80-77

If you know my father, you’re not surprised by this pick:

Ohio State vs San Diego State
Notre Dame vs Florida

Ohio State vs Notre Dame

Ohio State


Carla, who’s driving around Nashville with her windows down today:

My entry: Ohio St., Texas, Kansas, Florida. OSU vs. Kansas in final. Kansas wins 72-67.

Actual college basketball player Large is exactly wrong (but makes up for it at the end):

There’s something inherently wrong with having to choose between OSU and UNC and by proxy choosing between Uncle Crappy and Mrs. Crappy. With that in mind, I offer you the winning entry…

Syracuse vs. UCONN
Kansas vs. Pitt

UCONN vs. Kansas

Kansas (68-59)

P.S. I’ll deny it if you tell Mrs. C, Go Bucks!

Some hispanic dude named Senor Jaime who knows way more about traffic in Pittsburgh than you do:

North Carolina vs. Duke
Kansas vs. Pitt

North Carolina vs. Kansas

Champion: North Carolina, 71-66

Fred has his priorities straight. I think:

syracuse v. duke
ku v. fla

ku v. duke

ku wins

i will be happy if i win the gift card since i assume “gift card” = beer.

i will be even more happier if the actual teams i’m rooting for win and, i’m an old man with a job, so i can buy my own beer. my wife has a job too. she also buys me beer sometimes. i’m ready for soccer season. i drink beer at those games too.

what was the question?

Noted sports and cheeseburger expert The Jim:


Ohio St vs UConn
Kansas vs Pitt

Ohio St vs Kansas

Ohio State wins, 75-68

I’m a little surprised that Susan didn’t take Penn State:

UNC vs. San Diego
Purdue vs. Pitt

San Diego vs. Pitt

Pitt 76-71

Despite the fact that AAA is a solid Ohio State fan, she sucks up to Mrs. Crappy:

Never mind. Here you go.

NC vs Duke
Louisville v Pitt

NC vs Louisville

Winner? UNC. (You’re welcome, Mrs. Crappy)

I’m not guessing a score. I can’t count that high.

Derrick emerges from the shadows (HAH!):

ohio state/duke




Ethel is less concerned about beer than Fred. And her picks are better:

Ohio State vs. UConn
Kansas vs. Kansas State

Ohio State vs. Kansas

OSU wins it all. 76-75.

Yay Toast!

Kansas vs. Florida

UCONN vs. Kansas

Kansas FTW

89 – 83, final

Tim joins us for the first time:

Kansas vs. Florida

UCONN 57 vs Kansas 53

UCONN National Champs

Grandpa, our favorite Michigan-based Buckeye:

Louisville v. Pitt

Final: OSU 78, Pitt 72

One of my favorite things about this time of year is reading Kewyson’s AUCNFFC entry:

Okay – here are mine (didn’t have time to research much – so it’s a swag)

OSU beating out ‘The Wife’s’ Team (name used for old time sakes) to match up with ‘The Wife’s’ nemesis (2 in 1 paragraph even) Duck, who easily handled the kittens from the Queen City.

Flipping over to the other bracket, the boys from Lawrence score more points than the coal based engine gents from West Lafayette. And the much anticipated Union busters from Madison narrowly beating out the ‘But Your Utah?” clan.

So its the Bucks v. Devils and Jayhawks v. Badgers. Nuts and Birds is what I predict.

And finally, if my Ouija Board is right, it’s Big 10(12??) prevailing over the Big 12, even though they seem to have a bit better understanding of basic math.

Final score – OSU – 87; KU 79.

Final Answer.

Bonus: I didn’t even have to ask him to translate this year.

HP wants to buy me a beer at Bocktown next time she visits:

OSU plays San Diego
Purdue plays Pitt

OSU vs Pitt
84 to 79
OSU wins

Woody’s World has the right idea on a couple of levels:

Semi Finals:

  • Ohio State v. UCONN
  • Kansas v. Florida
  • Ohio State v. Kansas
  • Ohio State
Total Score:
  • 118
I may even share my beer with some Ohio State fans….
My mom is back for a second year. Watch your language and keep your feet off the coffee table.
Semi final: Ohio State vs Duke, and Kansas vs Pitt
Final: Ohio State vs Kansas
National Champion: Ohio State
Someday, Kim is going to be wrong when she picks Duke:

Ohio St v. Duke

Notre Dame v. Pitt

Championship game:

Duke v. Pitt


Duke 98-93

Calipanthergrl has one of her teams going deep:
Ohio State, Pitt, San Diego State and Kansas
OSU vs Kan
OSU 84-79
I think Kim Z. is in Chicago; she’s sticking with the Midwest:

OSU v. SD State
Kansas v. K State

OSU v. Kansas




WVU v. UConn
Kansas v. Pitt

WVU v. Pitt


Mon Valley championship game with the Good Guys winning!

I was initially confused by Enophiledude’s entry:


pur vs fla
duke vs conn

Championship game:



Long Island

But then he clarified:
Uconn beats Fla, 85-79
Three-time AUCNFFC champion Mr. Burns is back:

Ohio State



Ohio State


Ohio State, 72-66

I’m thinking Burgh Baby isn’t actually sorry:

Alrighty then.

North Carolina vs. Duke (SORRY!)
Purdue vs. Pitt

Duke vs. Purdue



We got an entry from the Bitchdesk!

Is it too late to join?

Ohio St v Connecticut
Kansas v Pittsburgh

Ohio St v Kansas

Kansas 79-78

Gina and her dog return, after her cat had an off year in 2010:

Since he has done pretty well the past couple of years, I let the dog pick (I only had him pick from the top 8 because he gets bored easily) Here’s his picks:

Kansas vs Pitt
UNC vs Texas

UNC vs Kansas

UNC 76-73

And finally, we have Juan. I’m certain Phil’s Mom made picks for Kornheiser this week, but I haven’t had a chance to listen and I can’t find it online — so the penny makes his picks. The results?
Xavier vs. Northern Colorado
Virginia Commonwealth vs. St. John’s
St. John’s vs. Northern Colorado
St. John’s. And no, I’m not going to pick a final score.
That’s all we have, boys and girls. If I missed your picks — something I generally do once a year — just let me know. And as always — good luck to everyone, especially me.