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svaucnffc (btybb) tipoff.

As usual, we have a ton of entries for the Seventh Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Bocktown), so let’s get right to the list, so we can get our first look at who might be in line to win our Bocktown gift card.

As per tradition, we start with yours truly:

If my Buckeyes are paying attention, they’re as good as anyone on the country. However, I’m betting that there will be a lapse at some point in the tournament, and if it happens against Florida State, Ohio State will be done. In that light:


Vanderbilt/North Carolina

Mizzou and Carolina face off in the title game, and even though Mrs. Crappy will be in bed by halftime, the Tar Heels will be this season’s national champions.

Mrs. Crappy is fairly predictable:

Kentucky/OSU & UNC/Kansas

Kentucky v UNC


Mom’s entry is awfully chalky:

Mike, Here is my entry: Final Four: Kentucky vs Mich. State and
Syracuse vs North Carolina. Final: Kentucky vs North Carolina. Winner:
Kentucky. Tie breaker: 74-72. How’s that for not going out on a limb?
No guts here! Mom

And no one should be surprised by my dad’s picks:

My final four are  UK/MSU and OSU/UNC       Champ Game is OSU 62 MSU 58.  Go Bucks.

Casey was one of a couple people to take advantage of the newly instituted Melo Rule. His amended picks:

As allowed by the Melo Rule, new updated picks:

Semi-Finals: Kentucky/Michigan State & Florida State/Kansas
Championship: Kentucky/Kansas
Champion: Kentucky

Defending champion Tim taunts Ted, who apparently didn’t enter this year:

Final 4: Duke, Mich St, Syracuse, UNC
Championship: Kentucky v. UNC
Champion: Kentucky 72-68

Looking to repeat! Ted, you don’t have a chance!

Curl Girl Michelle:

Kentucky/Missouri & Ohio St/North Carolina

Championship Game:
Kentucky/North Carolina

North Carolina 63-54

Good luck everyone!

Our favorite Aunt Annoyed Angel is back:

I never do well here, so I don’t know why I’m trying again, maybe to get my mind off of school for a hot second…

So, here I go.

Semis: KY/Mich St & OSU/NCU
Finals: KY/OSU
Winner: KY
Score: 74-68

Large made his picks before Phil’s Mom did:

Kentucky, Florida St., Kansas, Missouri
Kentucky, Florida St.

I always suck at this so my expectations match Juan’s.

Kim Z lives in the heart of B1G country, and you can see it in her picks:

Semis: Kentucky/Michigan State & Ohio State/Georgetown
Finals: Michigan State/Ohio State
Winner: Ohio State
Score: 67-61

I don’t know Adam Music (I don’t think I do, anyway), but his picks — especially the one about OU — are always welcome here:

Semis: Kentucky, Gonzaga, Murray State, North Carolina
Finals: Kentucky, North Carolina
Winner: UNC, 75-68
I did vote for the Bobcats to make it to the Sweet 16 though.

Jaci got married since last year’s tournament, but she’s still a Buckeye:

My picks:

Final Four: Kentucky/Michigan State and Ohio State/North Carolina.

Final: Kentucky/North Carolina

Winner: Kentucky – 77-68

Barb, there are millions of people around the country who share your irony:

Ironically, I know nothing about college b-ball, but enjoy March Madness every year!

Four: Kentucky, MI St., Syracuse, and Kansas
Final: Kentucky, Kansas
Winner: Kentucky, 76-75

Former Yinzteamer Michael joins us from Indiana:

Final Four: Kentucky/Missouri, Syracuse/Georgetown
Final: Kentucky/Syracuse
Winner: Kentucky — 72-64

The Most Rev. Father Spoon had Syracuse getting to the Final Four in his original version; he also took advantage of the Melo Rule:

DOH updating mine

FINAL 4 – Florida ST/UNC & Mich St/Kentucky

FINAL – Mich st / UNC

Champion – UNC

 I like Grandpa Caldwell’s picks:
Final Four: Ohio State/Kansas / Kentucky/Michigan State
Final: Ohio State / Kentucky
Winner: Ohio State: 72-69
Kimly got back to Pittsburgh just in time to join us for SVAUCNFFC:

OK here are my picks. It’s usually safest to bet AGAINST me. I’m always wrong.

Final Four: Michigan State, Duke, North Carolina, Ohio State

Finals: Michigan State/North Carolina
Winner: North Carolina
Score: 81-77

We’ll see if the Shadow knows:

duke/michigan state

duke over syracuse 59 to 58.

Gina has a long history of letting her pets make her picks. She really had to scrounge this year:

My dog doesn’t care & my cat is very bored by the whole thing, so I am picked myself up to the finals and then let (I kid you not) the goldfish pick the final winner:

Kentucky vs. Michigan State and Florida State vs Kansas
Michigan State vs Kansas
Michigan State 78-64

 Hellpellet couldn’t get her cat to pick for her, so she had to come up with her own:

DUKE wins

72 to 67

( I love that you said The OHIO Bobcats will beat Michigan…)

 I look forward to Kewyson’s AUCNFFC picks as much as I do anything else during the whole year:

Okay – here we go with my bball predictions for 2012 – first off, I have to give credit where credit is due – I stole these picks from someone who has a lot more focus on the game than I – if I win, I will certainly share the fabulous prize. He only has to track me down, correctly state where obtained said bracketology knowledge was hap-hazardly left lying around – in a condition that a reasonable person would conclude that this information was discarded, abandoned, neglected or simply posted on the Internet.

In the South-West corner – we have the feline connection. The battle of the cats – Kentucky’s WildCats taking on the Missouri Tigers. Although UC’s connection to the Bluegrass State would normally be enough for any of his loyal, supportive readers to go with Kentucky – I’m focusing on national parks – Mammoth Cave vs. Lake of the Ozarks – both certainly have unique attributes – however, Kentucky wins this draw due to the fact that it’s park is a natural creation and has less WalMart’s within a 50 mile radius.

In the East-MidWest corner – we have the plant / mineral confrontation. A nut (Buckeyes) vs. a mineral (Tar heel – my apologies to Dorset Ram – my simple stories cannot handle a multiple mascot concept). I feel in this primal battle between basic elements, reliance on a dead language is most useful.
• OSU: Disciplina in civitatem – Education for Citizenship
• UNC: Lux Libertas – Light & Liberty
Light and Liberty are 2 actionable items- shedding light and the act of liberty.
Education is and act, but Citizenship is a description.
UNC wins the motion test.

So we have Kentucky versus North Carolina. I’ll keep it simple – petrochemical countries continue to win over whiskey distilling ones 97% of the time – my prediction – UNC over Kentucky – 78 – 65


OK, here are mine (I’m logged in as momsbrain but, you know, this is Ethel)

Baylor v Missouri
Ohio State v UNC

OSU beats Missouri in the final

score: 66-63

Newcomer Garrett, who hooked me up with this year’s Phil’s Mom episode of the Kornheiser show:

Picks: Kentucky/Mizzou, Fla. St./UNC; Kentucky/UNC; Kentucky. 75-68

My favorite accordian player Fuzzwad:

bracket entry: Duke2/Mich St1, Wisc4/Kansas2, Duke2/Kansas2, Duke 55-47

I didn’t meet John until a few months ago; I’m happy he decided to join us:

Final 4: Kentucky, Mizzou, Fla St, UNC; Champ Game: Kentucky vs UNC; Champion: Kentucky Pts: 155

I don’t know who Otimemore is, but his or her picks are here. Thanks for playing:

Message: Semi finals

Kentucky / Kansas

Kentucky 83-78

My favorite editor Larry came up with especially good picks this year:

Ohio State/North Carolina

Kentucky/Michigan State

Ohio State over Kentucky in the final, total points 135.

Cindy’s back for another shot at the Bocktown gift card:

My picks:





From Nashvegas, we hear from Carla:

Going out on a limb this year. Because, well, why the heck not?

Final Four:
Kentucky/Michigan St. and Vandy/Kansas

Michigan St./Kansas

Michigan St.
67-60 (or 127 because we all suck at math).

Go Dores! Go Belmont! Go Bobcats! (I have them beating Michigan.)

An entry from Susan, one of my favorite internet people I’ve never actually met:

Baylor, Missouri, Syracuse, NC. Missouri, NC. NC. 148

New Dad, otherwise known as multiple AUCNFFC Champion Mr. Burns:

Kentucky, Mizzou // UNC, THE Ohio State University

Carolina Boy found me at the last second:

Final Four






UK Points: 141

My North Side neighbor Clif:

Final 4:
Kentucky/Michigan State and Ohio State/North Carolina

Championship Game: Michigan State/North Carolina

Champions: Michigan State  78 to 72

A veteran of many AUCNFFCs, Calipanthergrl:

You didn’t think I’d forget did you??  I’m going to go with:


Ohio State/North Carolina


Kentucky/North Carolina

North Carolina

Total points – 165

A new contestant, my friend #OhJill:

Final Four:
Kentucky/MSU & OSU/UNC

Championship Game:


And finally we have Juan, oh he of little basketball knowledge. We were able to track down Phil’s Mom’s picks, thanks to the aforementioned Garrett, and Juan actually has a shot this year:

Kansas State/Vermont


Baylor/Kansas State


(Yeah, we’re not going to worry about the tiebreaker for this one too much.)

And there you go, boys and girls, all 8,457 entries. If I screwed up your entry or missed it entirely — a distinct possibility — just let me know and I’ll get it straightened out. Thank you all for playing, thanks to Chris at Bocktown for the prize and good luck to everyone. Especially me.

17. tipoff.

We’ve got a bunch of great entries for the Sixth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought to you by Bocktown), although too damn many of you picked Ohio State.

But we’ll sort all that out after Thad Matta cuts down the nets on April  4. In the meantime, the games are getting started, and we should take a look at who’s picks will earn them the Bocktown gift card.

As we always do, we start with yours truly:

Ohio State beats San Diego State, which shows its season was not a fluke.

Pitt beats Notre Dame in a game that might not reach 60 total points.

And my Buckeyes beat the Panthers 82-78, giving me unlimited sports bragging rights in Pittsburgh, at least until football season begins.

As we always do, we go next to Mrs. Crappy, who is still a bit disgruntled about the state of OSU football:

OK, Final Four to Champs:

OSU v. Dook
Kansas v. Florida

OSU v. Florida

OSU wins avenging the 2007 season.
Go Buckeyes – in this bracket anyway!

And the rest of yinz guys, starting with Goon Squad Sarah, one of the two evil geniuses running Draft Day Suit:

Well, I’m in. And if I win it is just another excuse to come drink beer in Pittsburgh.

North Carolina v UConn,
Louisville v Pittsburgh

North Carolina v Pittsburgh


Next up is Andy, who provided me with enough meat via Burgh Baby’s baseball contest to account for several large farm animals:

If I get any of these right, I will be more surprised than anyone. And because if I win a gift card to Bocktown, my wife will insist we go there…

Ohio State v. San Diego State
Kansas v. Florida

Kansas v. Ohio State

Oooooooohhiii, nah I can’t do it. Kansas. 87-78.

But really, I don’t care if I win or not. I don’t really even care if my hometown Pitt Panthers don’t reach the final four again. I don’t care if the team that tore my heart out as a youth (Danny Manning, you still suck) wins another championship. I swear that all I want is for Rick Pitino to wear that ridiculous white suit again and for a courtside chili and tequila lover to vomit all over it.

As I said before, Andy: I’m totally pulling for that last part.

First-time player and full-time Buckeye Jaci:

I don’t know much about college basketball and make my picks off of my gut feelings (and have done pretty well in the past years from that), so here it is:

Ohio State vs Duke
Kansas vs Pitt

Ohio State vs Kansas

Ohio State = winner
Total score: 145

I’m dubious about her pick for the East region champion, but KimLy made Mrs. Crappy happy:

Note: I never *ever* win these, as one of my final four picks usually gets crushed in the first round.

So: N.Carolina v. UConn
Kansas v. Pitt

N.Carolina v. Kansas

N. Carolina.

That’s right. GO TARHEELS! Wooooo!

(Did I mention I suck at this?)

Casey: I can’t recall if we’ve met, but I’m digging your pick:

Ohio State vs Texas
Georgetown vs Pittsburgh

Ohio State over Pittsburgh

Total Score: 153

Doogle’s still bummed that Bobby Mo didn’t make the field:

Ohio State v Duke
Kansas v Florida

Kansas v Duke

Champion – Kansas
Final Score – 69-63

Fellow college football freak Kelly gives college basketball a shot:

Alright, giving this a try. Go BIG TEN.

Ohio State beats Arizona.
Notre Dame beats Wisconsin.
Ohio State beats Notre Dame, 127 total points.

Oh, and in case you wondered, Penn State beats Temple, but loses gloriously to San Diego State.

Adrienne, my favorite leprechaun anywhere, has to be happy that the tournament starts on st. Patrick’s Day:

Ohio State v. Duke
Pitt V. Notre Dame

Duke V. Notre Dame

Because that’s the score i always pick.

Also, I spelled leprechaun correctly on the first try.

Curl Girl Michelle de-lurked to join us a couple AUCNFFCs ago; she’s been a regular since:


Kansas vs. BYU
North Carolina vs. Duke


Duke vs. Kansas

Champion: Duke
Score: 80-77

If you know my father, you’re not surprised by this pick:

Ohio State vs San Diego State
Notre Dame vs Florida

Ohio State vs Notre Dame

Ohio State


Carla, who’s driving around Nashville with her windows down today:

My entry: Ohio St., Texas, Kansas, Florida. OSU vs. Kansas in final. Kansas wins 72-67.

Actual college basketball player Large is exactly wrong (but makes up for it at the end):

There’s something inherently wrong with having to choose between OSU and UNC and by proxy choosing between Uncle Crappy and Mrs. Crappy. With that in mind, I offer you the winning entry…

Syracuse vs. UCONN
Kansas vs. Pitt

UCONN vs. Kansas

Kansas (68-59)

P.S. I’ll deny it if you tell Mrs. C, Go Bucks!

Some hispanic dude named Senor Jaime who knows way more about traffic in Pittsburgh than you do:

North Carolina vs. Duke
Kansas vs. Pitt

North Carolina vs. Kansas

Champion: North Carolina, 71-66

Fred has his priorities straight. I think:

syracuse v. duke
ku v. fla

ku v. duke

ku wins

i will be happy if i win the gift card since i assume “gift card” = beer.

i will be even more happier if the actual teams i’m rooting for win and, i’m an old man with a job, so i can buy my own beer. my wife has a job too. she also buys me beer sometimes. i’m ready for soccer season. i drink beer at those games too.

what was the question?

Noted sports and cheeseburger expert The Jim:


Ohio St vs UConn
Kansas vs Pitt

Ohio St vs Kansas

Ohio State wins, 75-68

I’m a little surprised that Susan didn’t take Penn State:

UNC vs. San Diego
Purdue vs. Pitt

San Diego vs. Pitt

Pitt 76-71

Despite the fact that AAA is a solid Ohio State fan, she sucks up to Mrs. Crappy:

Never mind. Here you go.

NC vs Duke
Louisville v Pitt

NC vs Louisville

Winner? UNC. (You’re welcome, Mrs. Crappy)

I’m not guessing a score. I can’t count that high.

Derrick emerges from the shadows (HAH!):

ohio state/duke




Ethel is less concerned about beer than Fred. And her picks are better:

Ohio State vs. UConn
Kansas vs. Kansas State

Ohio State vs. Kansas

OSU wins it all. 76-75.

Yay Toast!

Kansas vs. Florida

UCONN vs. Kansas

Kansas FTW

89 – 83, final

Tim joins us for the first time:

Kansas vs. Florida

UCONN 57 vs Kansas 53

UCONN National Champs

Grandpa, our favorite Michigan-based Buckeye:

Louisville v. Pitt

Final: OSU 78, Pitt 72

One of my favorite things about this time of year is reading Kewyson’s AUCNFFC entry:

Okay – here are mine (didn’t have time to research much – so it’s a swag)

OSU beating out ‘The Wife’s’ Team (name used for old time sakes) to match up with ‘The Wife’s’ nemesis (2 in 1 paragraph even) Duck, who easily handled the kittens from the Queen City.

Flipping over to the other bracket, the boys from Lawrence score more points than the coal based engine gents from West Lafayette. And the much anticipated Union busters from Madison narrowly beating out the ‘But Your Utah?” clan.

So its the Bucks v. Devils and Jayhawks v. Badgers. Nuts and Birds is what I predict.

And finally, if my Ouija Board is right, it’s Big 10(12??) prevailing over the Big 12, even though they seem to have a bit better understanding of basic math.

Final score – OSU – 87; KU 79.

Final Answer.

Bonus: I didn’t even have to ask him to translate this year.

HP wants to buy me a beer at Bocktown next time she visits:

OSU plays San Diego
Purdue plays Pitt

OSU vs Pitt
84 to 79
OSU wins

Woody’s World has the right idea on a couple of levels:

Semi Finals:

  • Ohio State v. UCONN
  • Kansas v. Florida
  • Ohio State v. Kansas
  • Ohio State
Total Score:
  • 118
I may even share my beer with some Ohio State fans….
My mom is back for a second year. Watch your language and keep your feet off the coffee table.
Semi final: Ohio State vs Duke, and Kansas vs Pitt
Final: Ohio State vs Kansas
National Champion: Ohio State
Someday, Kim is going to be wrong when she picks Duke:

Ohio St v. Duke

Notre Dame v. Pitt

Championship game:

Duke v. Pitt


Duke 98-93

Calipanthergrl has one of her teams going deep:
Ohio State, Pitt, San Diego State and Kansas
OSU vs Kan
OSU 84-79
I think Kim Z. is in Chicago; she’s sticking with the Midwest:

OSU v. SD State
Kansas v. K State

OSU v. Kansas




WVU v. UConn
Kansas v. Pitt

WVU v. Pitt


Mon Valley championship game with the Good Guys winning!

I was initially confused by Enophiledude’s entry:


pur vs fla
duke vs conn

Championship game:



Long Island

But then he clarified:
Uconn beats Fla, 85-79
Three-time AUCNFFC champion Mr. Burns is back:

Ohio State



Ohio State


Ohio State, 72-66

I’m thinking Burgh Baby isn’t actually sorry:

Alrighty then.

North Carolina vs. Duke (SORRY!)
Purdue vs. Pitt

Duke vs. Purdue



We got an entry from the Bitchdesk!

Is it too late to join?

Ohio St v Connecticut
Kansas v Pittsburgh

Ohio St v Kansas

Kansas 79-78

Gina and her dog return, after her cat had an off year in 2010:

Since he has done pretty well the past couple of years, I let the dog pick (I only had him pick from the top 8 because he gets bored easily) Here’s his picks:

Kansas vs Pitt
UNC vs Texas

UNC vs Kansas

UNC 76-73

And finally, we have Juan. I’m certain Phil’s Mom made picks for Kornheiser this week, but I haven’t had a chance to listen and I can’t find it online — so the penny makes his picks. The results?
Xavier vs. Northern Colorado
Virginia Commonwealth vs. St. John’s
St. John’s vs. Northern Colorado
St. John’s. And no, I’m not going to pick a final score.
That’s all we have, boys and girls. If I missed your picks — something I generally do once a year — just let me know. And as always — good luck to everyone, especially me.


We took a trip to visit my sister and her family in Florida a couple weeks ago. Yes, I’m writing about it just now. Shut up.

Bowman's Beach, Sanibel Island. Very nice.

* Mrs. Crappy’s main mission for the week was to spend as much time on beach as possible, and I think we did that. On the first day — which was steamy but cloudy — we stopped at a public beach near the state park, and she ran off like a little kid so she could wade in the gulf. We didn’t get back to the beach until Tuesday, but found the state park beach to be fabulous, even on a breezy day. The next day was our shell-hunting trip to Sanibel — complete with an order of delicious conch fritters, thanks to a Twitter tip from Abby’s dad — and my favorite beach of the trip, Bowmans. It takes a little hike across the wetlands to get there, but it’s great once you arrive — wide, soft white sand, not too crowded — even during spring break. It was also Mrs. Crappy’s favorite shelling beach, but for me, I stretched out in my cabana tent thing with a John Irving novel and got to simply, blissfully relax.

* Naples is an interesting place. It feels like no one lives there, but everyone shops there, mostly because you don’t see any houses anywhere. With a few exceptions, the town seems to be a series of shopping centers, divided by elaborate, palm-tree adorned entrances to gated communities. I mean, you know all those cars belong to someone, but they all disappear behind those gates. It’s a nice town, certainly, but that takes some getting used to.

* There is some good stuff in those shopping centers, though. On our first afternoon there, we walked into Total Wine and More, a liquor warehouse that sits right next to a Christian book store, and nearly wept at the sight. An entire aisle of beer — cases and twelvers of macros on one side, and shelf after shelf of sixes and single bottles of imports and craft beers, including a bunch we had never seen before. Mrs. Crappy and I each put together two sixes of bottles that were new to us, and bought some favorites as well. We liked it enough that we also turned on my father and my brother-in-law to the place; we also liked it enough that I became Foursquare mayor of the joint before the week was over.

All this for twelve bucks.

* While we drove around on the first full day, we cruised by a little strip-mall taqueria while we were in the midst of one of our perpetual What-Do-We-Want-For-Lunch discussions. We did a quick turnaround and walked in to a reassuring sight — the Latino customers outnumbered the Gringos by about three to one. It was good enough that we had lunch there twice; we both walked out stuffed both days, and neither check broke the $15 mark. Yum.

* I got to play golf with my dad, just the two of us (Mrs. Crappy was still struggling with a sore shoulder, so she didn’t play; she shopped and hung out by the pool instead). That might have been my favorite part of the trip. (It helps that I shot a 106 after a year without touching a golf club.)


* My sister and brother in law are excellent hosts, and even better parents. They seem to do a good job of allowing the kids a little space while still enforcing the house rules. (This wasn’t necessarily easy, especially when the visiting uncle was bent on causing a little trouble, like tossing the boys in the pool or hosing them down with the Super Soaker I bought during our trip to Toys ‘r Us.) It helps (or maybe it doesn’t) that all three are scary smart; they’re all also ornery as hell, and certainly willing to oblige their uncle when he asks them to make their best faces for the camera. We are both so proud of all three.

* I hope I made up for the trouble I started by making each one of the kidlings a necklace out of some of the shells we found on the beach. They each got to pick the shell that served as the centerpiece of their necklace, and they each helped pick out some of the accents I used when we put them together. They all seemed pretty happy to have them, which made me pretty happy as well.

FAUCNFFC is underway.


Holy crap. We have a shit-ton of entries for the Fifth-Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge. And in the interest of not making this the longest blog post in the history of the internet, we’re going to get right to the picks.
We start with yours truly:
I haven’t seen a dominant team in college basketball this season, so I’m going to ride the country’s best player — yes, I’m talking about Evan Turner — to a national title:
Ohio State vs. Kansas State / West Virginia vs. Baylor
Ohio State vs. West Virginia
Ohio State
Mrs. Crappy is without her Tar Heels, so she’s going with her fallback team:
OSU v. Syracuse / Kentucky v. Dook
OSU v. Kentucky
And then we got yinz guys, in no particular order. Long-time reader, first-time AUCNFFC player Chachi:
Chachi Says:
Final Four: Ohio St Vs Syracuse and Duke vs Kentucky
final: Ohio St Vs. Duke
Champ: Duke
We like AJ. He’s a Buckeye and a Tar Heel, and he picks appropriately:
Final Four: Ohio St v Syracuse/West Va v Baylor
Final: Ohio St v West Va
Champ: Ohio St
I haven’t yet met Kayla, but I’m happy she decided to play:
Final Four:
Kansas v. Syracuse, Kentucky v. Duke
Kansas V. Duke
Champ: Kansas
You know Anthony, who’s playing AUCNFFC for the first time:
Kansas Pitt Duke WVU
Kansas Duke
Past AUCNFFC Champion Doogle, who can’t stop being a shill for his employer:
Are you saying Bobby Mo can’t win it all? That’s like saying Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball.
Final Four: Kansas vs. Syracuse/Kentucky vs Duke
Championship: Kansas vs. Kentucky
Champion: Kentucky
I want Kentucky to win so I can see Ashley Judd bouncing around. boing boing boing.
Large, one of two of us who actually played college basketball. He also likes torturing me:
Kansas vs. Syracuse/Kintuck vs. Baylor
Kansas vs. Kintuck
P.S. (Unrelated but interesting info that UC would enjoy) I found a long lost box of homebrew in the basement last night, and enjoyed a 10 year old Porter. Yum-yum.
Bobbo, who seems to claim more college teams that even me, generously offers a subscription to his newspaper as a prize. I’m thinking about awarding it to whomever finishes last:
Final Four: Kansas/Syracuse and WVU/Villanova
Final: Kansas/WVU
Champ: Kansas
Also, I’ll throw in a year subscription to the (Sewickley) Valley’s only newspaper, the Sewickley Herald, as a prize! :)
We welcome Larry, an actual current colleague who was the first to ever post a comment to Uncle Crappy. Larry’s a Penn State guy, and he’s concerned that Woody Hayes is turning over in his grave because of his pick:
OSU vs. Kansas State; WVU vs. Duke
OSU vs. Duke
Our friend Carla, who is no doubt drawing on her expertise as a national writer/editor for Yahoo Sports:
OK. I’m still not happy with this, but I’m tired of analyzing this darn thing. Here we go:
Kansas vs. Syracuse / West Virginia vs. Duke
Kansas vs. WVU
I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Pantster. Here’s his picks, which he hopes will earn him the Bocktown prize:
FINAL FOUR: Kansas vs Kansas State & Villanova vs WVU
FINALS: Kansas vs Villanova
CHAMP: Kansas 
I can taste the fries now.
Last year, Mystery Michelle broke out of lurk mode for the first time with her AUCNFFC entry. Now’s she’s CurlGirl Michelle, and she’s back:
No real method here….
Final Four: Kansas vs. Kansas St. / Kentucky vs. Villanova
Championship: Kansas vs. Villanova
Champion: Villanova
For all of her grousing, AAA came up with solid picks (except for that thing about Duke):
Final Four: Ohio State/Syracuse & Kentucky/Duke
Ohio State/Duke
Champ: Duke
Papuga’s back! Hi, Dawn!
Okay, I’m back again this year. Last year I got pounded, but my gut has a feeling…
Kansas/Syracuse and WVU/Baylor
Jim, otherwise known as our favorite television traffic guy in the history of broadcasting, is back for the second year in a row:
Bring it:
Kansas/Kansas State and WVU/Louisville
You may know him as Shadow. You may also know him as Derrick:
Kansas v Syracuse / Kentucky v Villanova
Kansas v Kentucky
Ethel is one of the few to participate in every single edition of AUCNFFC:
OK, haven’t looked at anyone else’s, including Obama’s. Here is mine:
OSU vs. Syracuse and Kentucky vs. Baylor
Final: Syracuse vs. Kentucky
Kentucky wins
Gina’s selection for last year was one of my favorites of all time. This year’s is even better:
My dog’s picked sucked last year, so I asked my cat and he licked his ass. And then I asked my other cat and she said ladybugladybugladybug. So back to the dog (this takes forever, by the way, so I did the 1st round picking and just had him narrow it down).
Syracuse vs Kansas; WVU vs Villanova
Kansas vs WVU
Grandpa, otherwise known as our Michigan beer smuggler, does one for his brother-in-law:
Go Hope!
OSU vs. Kansas State / Duke vs. Kentucky
OSU vs. Kentucky
Kentucky (that’s for you Fred).
I don’t think Kim would have entered if not for the prospect of gallons of Bocktown barbeque sauce:
Final Four: Kansas vs Kansas St/Kentucky vs Duke
Championship: Kansas vs Duke
Champion: Duke (of course)
The good Doctor Yohe also knows basketball:
Final Four: OSU vs Syracuse/Kentucky vs Louisville
Championship: Syracuse vs. Kentucky
Champion: Kentucky
Final Four:
OSU vs Kansas St
Kentucky vs Texas A&M
then OSU vs Kentucky
Winner? Kentucky
I flipped a coin, literally.
Final Four: Ohio vs Florida / N. Mexico vs Notre Dame
Florida vs Notre Dame with Notre Dame winning.
Michael has moved back to Indy, but he hasn’t forgotten AUCNFFC:
Final Four:Kansas v Pitt/Kentucky v Duke
Championship: Kansas v Kentucky
Champion: Kansas
Susan’s been one of my favorite new readers of the last year, even though she has an obvious bias towards the eastern side of the state:
Final Four: Kansas vs. Syracuse/Kentucky vs. Villanova
Championship game: Kansas vs. Villanova
Champion: Villanova
Given West Virginia’s performance this year — probably good enough for a 1 seed — I was really hopeful we’d get picks from Matlock:
Kansas v. Pitt/WVU v. Baylor
Kansas v. WVU
Burgh Baby, the other one of us to actually play college basketball:
Kansas vs. Kansas State
West Virginia vs. Duke
Kansas St. vs. Kentucky
Kentucky takes it all
TheJim (or, TehJim) knows more about sports than you:
Kansas v Syracuse / WVU v ‘Nova
Kansas v ‘Nova
Sorry RMU. =/
My seester:
sorry I’m so late…Kansas vs Syracuse & Kentucky vs Duke. Then Kansas & Kentucky in the final game…Kansas wins it.
Fred, Ethel’s lovely and talented husband, asks a question while posting his picks. I know the answer; does anyone else?
ku vs k st.
wvu vs nova
ku vs nova
question: besides me, who is known for wanting “seashells and balloons”?
My mom entered for the first time every. Y’all watch your language.
I’m entering your contest this year: Final four: Kansas vs Kansas State and Kentucky vs Duke, Final two: Kansas and Duke, National Champion: Kansas. 
Mark claims CB stands for “Carolina Boy.” We know it actually stands for “Chalk Boy.”
Carolina Boy’s pix (predictable)
(1) Kansas vs. (1) Syracuse
(1) UK vs. (2) Villanova
(1) Kansas vs. (2) Villanova
Kansas Jayhawks – 2010 NCAA Mens Basketball Champion
College basketball freak (I mean that in the nicest way possible) Calipanthergrl is back for a second year:
Final Four: Kansas, Kentucky, Kansas State, Baylor
Championship Game: Kansas vs. Kentucky
Champion: Kansas (84-79)
Two-time winner and noted contrarian Mr. Burns started his entry like this:
As per usual, I’ll let you select my final four.
I responded:
“As per usual”? What exactly does that mean?
Let’s recap:
FAUCNFFC: You were boycotting brackets, so I picked for you. You finished in tie for first.
SAUCNFFC: You made your own picks. You won.
THAUCCFFC: You made your own picks, although you included one team that wasn’t in the tournament. You, uh, didn’t win.
FAUCNFFC: You made your own picks. You didn’t win, but you didn’t embarrass yourself.
If I’m picking for you, you’re getting all four 15 seeds. Just sayin.
He responded:
Ohio State, Kansas State // West Virgina, Dook
Kansas State // Dook
I look forward to Kewyson’s AUCNFFC entry explanation almost as much as I do my birthday:
Seeing that professional journalists often refer to this blog for reliable news feeds, I will up front cite my source of picks – 100% taken from a most notable sports authority- the WSJ (it also happens to be the only daily paper I have delivered) – just because they couldn’t predict the housing bubble and they freely allow Rove a platform doesn’t mean they can’t get the tourney right, right?
Hailing from Utah, Cosmo the Cougar will battle Big Jay from Lawrence, Kansas, with the Jayhawks winning by a feather.
Bucky Badger from America’s Dairyland will scrum with the Devil wears Prada team from the Tarheel state – with Bucky’s prolific ingestion of cheese finally constipating the advancement of the fury little critter.
Repeating an epic meeting between 2 historic power houses in NCAA basketball – Duke Blue Devils, whose name comes from the French “les Diables Bleus” which was the nickname given during World War I to the Chasseurs Alpins, the French Alpine light infantry battalion – will lose a close game to boys from the sunflower state when the jayhawks, a mythical cross between a blue jay and a sparrowhawk, ultimately triumph-
Rock Chalk baby
And that leaves us with Juan, oh he of little basketball knowledge. Phil’s Mom returned to Kornheiser’s show this year, and, surprisingly, she made some decent picks:
Oklahoma State v. Brigham Young / Marquette v. Baylor
Brigham Young v. Baylor
That’s what we got, kids. If I missed your entry — entirely possible since there are 1.476 of you this year — let me know and I’ll add you to the list. One thing to keep in mind: lots of you stuck with high seeds, so it may be necessary to submit a tie-breaker — we’ll do the standard score of the final game thing — at some point. If I need one from you, I’ll let you know.
Thank you all very much for playing. And good luck to everyone. Especially me.

here we go.

OK, boys and girls — thanks to a record number of entries in the Third Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge, I think this is going to end up as the longest single post in Uncle Crappy history.

We start with me:

The Final Four is North Carolina, Georgetown, Stanford and UCLA. North Carolina avenges last year’s loss to the Hoyas, and Stanford avenges that miserable call a week ago to beat UCLA. The Tar Heels prevail in the title game, and as was the case a couple years ago, The Wife will be in bed by halftime, again missing a Chapel Hill national championship.

That last part is true. She mentions it herself:

OK, Final 4 is on the predictable side this year:

UNC v. UCLA for final with UNC victorious.
You just can’t go wrong with Psycho T!

Now, besides the Uncle Crappy Pool, I have entered three brackets in two pools and I do have my requisite UNC v. Dook bracket. I have it every year, because it works out every year — something I think the selection committee would like to see happen once too! Anyway — Go Heels!!! P.S. — Yes, Fred, if the final goes too late on a school night, I probably will go to bed before the end of the game, unless it is UNC v. Dook. So before you ask, picture the finger!!!

And the rest of yinz, alphabetically — starting with Carla, a former co-worker and closet sportwriter:

Since I’m not allowed in the GBAPA poll this year, I guess the uc poll will have to suffice … ;)

Let’s go with:

Final four – Louisville vs. Kansas, Texas vs. UCLA
Final game – Kansas vs. UCLA
Winner: Kansas

GBAPA — the Greater Bridgewater Area Press Association. Don’t ask.

Carolina Boy has no Wolverines or Gamecocks involved, so he went this way:

Thanks for the invitation to play ball again this year. My brackets have turned out to be lots of “chalk” (i.e. fairly predictable)

Final Four
UNC Kansas Memphis UCLA



Next is Cindy, who has secret formulas generated during her time at MIT that give her mad fantasy sports skillz:

Here are the official My Brilliant Mistakes picks:

Final Four: NC vs. Georgetown / Memphis vs. Duke

Championship: Georgetown vs. Duke

Champion: Georgetown

Hoyas FTW!

My brother-in-law, Chris, writes from sunny Florida:

North Carolina, Kansas, Texas, Duke
North Carolina, Duke

Dawn, another of my new Pittsburgh friends, is next. Dawn has some kind of connection to the Bluegrass state — I’m not clear on how or why — but that may be an influence here:

Alrighty, so here goes!

Final four: Louisville vs USC; Pitt vs UConn

Championship: Louisville vs Pitt

Champions: Lousiville

This year’s bracket has me seriously torn–I know first hand what Pitt can do in a Tourney, but I also know that Rick Pitino knows a thing or two about the road to the NCAA championship! I know there need to be some serious upsets for this to take place, but hey, here’s to hoping!

Straight outta, uh, Clintonville, is Ethel:

Hello, Crapmaster-

I finally did my bracket last night. Here is my final four prediction:

UNC vs. Kansas / Texas vs. UCLA

Championship: UNC vs. UCLA

Winner: UNC in honor of The Wife

Just for kicks, I decided not to have high expectations of the Big Ten this year. I’d much prefer Wisconsin over Kansas in the final four…

Crapmaster? I am simultaneously pleased and horrified…

We are blessed by the participation of Father Spoon:

Final Four
North Carolina, Kansas, UCLA, Texas

Final Two
North Carolina & Texas

North Carolina

Next is Fred, Ethel’s lovely and talented husband. And, apparently, one of their dogs:

while i am doing the typing, the picks were done by my son, spencer – the brown banana…

final 4: UNC, Kent, Marquette & BYU
final: UNC v. Marquette in a replay of ’77
champion: Marquette as in ’77 w/ butch lee in crazy al’s last game as coach…

editorial comments: spencer did not say much, but he did drool a bit and then took a nap.

HP‘s picks. Cleveland’s long, nasty winter may be clouding her brain:

Here’s my picks

Final Four: NC, Vandy, Stanford, Xavier

Two: NC and Stanford

And the winner is: NC

Really no rhyme or reason for my picks, as usual. Although I think the Mrs may like my pick for the winner!

Juan doesn’t have any idea who Phil’s Mom is, but he thinks it’s OK to use her picks.

Final Four: Butler, Gonzaga, Pitt, Drake.

Title game: Butler vs. Pitt.

Champ: Butler

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin.

If the number of colleges one has attended is an indication of intelligence, Kewyson is smarter than all of us combined. And he’s got a formula of his own to prove it:

Okay – here we go – since my track record is piss poor when I actually think about the teams, this year – I’ve devised a pseudo-random selection process –

Giving preferential treatment to the #1 seed in rounds 1 & 2 (selecting them to advance) – I then counted straight down the bracket 7 teams (because 7 rhymes with Kevin) – I select that team. Then I count down 6, and select that team, then 5, and so forth – staying in each bracket until the round of 8, and not counting a team after its opponent has already been selected except when such team has not yet been counted on that round of counting down the bracket (got it yet? me neither) –

Final 4 – St. Joesph’s, Kansas, Kentucky & UCLA
Nation Championship Game: Kansas vs. UCLA with the Jayhawks winning it for the Sunflower State.

All done with minimal synaptic activity.

Large, the only one of us to actually play college basketball:

UNC – I want to stay/get on The Wife’s good side.
Kansas – I can’t get enough of Roy Williams’ angst over leaving KU for UNC
Texas – Home court advantage in the regional final vs. Memphis
Louisville – I got nothing here, I just like ’em.

Kansas – Apologies to The Wife, but the lure of fabulous prizes is too great
Texas – We need a tie breaker game between these to two to settle it once and for all

Kansas – It seems like you can put them in the Final Four every year, once in a while they will win it if for no other reason than dumb luck.

Staying on The Wife’s good side is an excellent idea.

Next, we welcome Robyn, the only one of us who actually has a dog in this fight. She’s about to become a Hoya grad for the second time — if she can stay out of the Brick long enough to finish her thesis:

Alright Uncle Crappy, here we go:
Final Four: Georgetown (duh)
Pittsburgh (only because they beat Georgetown do I give them any respect)
Final two: for a rematch, Pittsburgh and Georgetown.
Champ: Georgetown.
Why yes, you are correct: this bracket has nothing to do with reality, and all to do with my own desires. But what better way of picking a bracket???

Finally, we have the entry from The Sister:

Final Four: Tennessee vs. Kansas; Stanford vs. UCLA.

Final Game: Tennessee vs. UCLA

Winner: UCLA

That’s it, y’all. I’ll post the first official update Sunday night, although I may have a few observations between then and now. Good luck to everyone, and thanks again for entering. Good luck to everyone — especially me.

ERRORS AND OMISSIONS 9:50 p.m.: Mostly omissions. In trying to get this up as quickly as possible, I left off the entry of Mr. Burns, a two-time defending champion of the Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge. And that’s especially disappointing because his entry is, uh, a little unique:

Kansas-Ohio St. / Texas-UCLA // UCLA over Kansas

Trying to be helpful, I suggested that while I would have been pleased to see my Buckeyes in the Final Four for a second straight year, it would be a tough thing for them to do as they are playing in the NIT this spring. His response?

I stand by my pick.

There you go.

If I screwed up anything else, please let me know, and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.



Can’t watch the game. Pitt’s playing at the same time.

Can’t watch online. The CBS On-Demand video isn’t Mac compatible.

Can’t listen online. Ohio State network stations have to black out their streams and Ohio State’s streaming service isn’t Mac compatible.

Can’t really listen on the regular old radio. WKBN in Youngstown, the closest Ohio State network station, has to turn down its signal at night. I get Paul Keels mixed with some guy speaking Spanish.

I can’t even listen to the Westwood One broadcast. Pittsburgh’s ESPN Radio affiliate, which is carrying the games, has to turn down its signal at night as well.

At this moment, I hate nearly everyone. Except you, of course.

If you wanted to send me email updates, I’d really appreciate it.

HALFTIME: Uh. Yeah. Let’s not worry so much about those emails … The Creamsicles are up 49-32.

15:43, SECOND HALF: Perhaps I let my pessimism get the best of me. Let’s not be hasty here. Lead’s cut to seven points.

12:18: I hadn’t intended to spend my night live blogging, but I’ll be fucked if I’m going back in the living room to watch Pitt and screw around with the radio. Sitting at the computer seems to be working. 57-53. TV timeout. Getting another beer.

11:53: This timeout brought to you by Penn Marzen — crisp, refreshing … the beer that says, “I hate Rocky Top.” Or something like that.

11:45: Lewis makes two free throws but then fouls. Are we dealing with guys who normally referee junior high school games?

10:54: Seriously. We cut the lead to one, but Oden gets called for his fourth. Hunter also has four; Conley has three. There’s only one Creamsicle with more than two.

9:34, UT’s up two. I should clarify a couple of things. 1) I’m following the game via’s gamecast. 2) The refs must be the biggest candy-asses of all time — the foul calls, both ways, are constant. Maybe the game’s just that brutal, but jesus … enough already.

8:34, We’re up two. On free throws, naturally.

8:05. Up three on a Conley layup. Dispatch says he’s staying for another year. Mike? Could you mention something to your high school buddy about staying as well?

7:26, game’s tied at 68 after Lofton made a three for the Creamsicles. Whew. The Pitt-UCLA game is about over — only 31 seconds left — but I’M NOT GOING TO WATCH ON TV, no matter how bitchy I was earlier this evening.

Still 7:26. UT has more total fouls than we do, 19-15. Apparently the invasive officiating is going both ways.

6:58. Three-pointer by Jamar! Yessssss … we’re up 72-68.

5:51. They got a three of their own to cut our lead to one. This is making me nuts…

5:11. Tied at 74. We don’t want to start trading buckets here.

3:59. They’re up 77-74. We’re shooting free throws when the TV timeout is over. I’m almost ready for another beer.

Still 3:59. Pitt got waxed. But I’m not turning on the TV. Which means I’m an idiot.

Still 3:59. I’m just staring at the computer, waiting for something to happen. I also have to pee.

3:20. Oden made both free throws but they followed with a layup. But David Lighty makes a three to tie us at 79. I still have to pee.

2:40: UT takes a timeout. I’m gonna go pee now.

2:40, still in the timeout. I feel much better now, thanks.

2:40. If you’re a member at ESPN’s web page, it addresses you by name if you’re signed in. But the auto-refresh is screwing that up. I’ve gone from my real name — Uncle Crappy, of course — to Matt, Ryan and now Greg. None of these, as many of you know, are even vaguely close to being accurate.

2:30. Something happened, and then we called a timeout. ESPN’s holding out on me. Still 79-79.

1:57. “Greg” — no, “Ryan” — just got another beer. And we just traded threes. 82-82.

1:38. Up 84-82 on two Oden free throws.

1:18, same score. I’m now Kerri.

1:08. They made one of two free throws; we’re up 84-83 and Thad took a timeout. I’m still Kerri.

0:38. ESPN missed a bunch. Still up one, but a foul on Ronnie Lewis. They’ll be shooting free throws. Made one for the tie at 84 … Must have missed the second, foul on them.

0:06. We’re on the line … Conley made the first to tie at 84. They’ll have one more possession, and they’ll only need a two to win it.

0:06. Holyfuckingshit. Junior made the second to put us up one. UT timeout.

0:01. Arrgh!! What? ESPN said we rebounded a missed layup … game must be over…

FINAL. WE WIN 85-84. I’m going to watch TV for a second…

A couple minutes later: You’ve all seen this by now, but I just saw it as a replay for the first time … Junior misses his second free throw, they drive the length of the floor. Ramar Smith heads in for the winning layup but the Big Fella has hoofed it all the way back to block the shot. That’s a miracle, boys and girls, on an even bigger scale than the Xavier game. We were down 19 points in the first half … Oden had three fouls by halftime … and we came back and won that sonofabitch. I’m going to finish my beer and try to get some sleep … this is Jeff … no, John … no, Kerri saying good night.