(Some of you may have noticed this post already in your readers. The lesson there is to not tinker with your blog at 3 a.m., because you will screw something up.)

As I set out to do on June 1, I have written 30 posts in the month’s 30 days, which means I’ve successfully completed the challenge of National Blog Posting Month.


OK. It’s possible that I’ve cheated along the way. I’ve pretty much abandoned this month’s theme (permissible, I think), and I’ve also put up some real crap along the way (a NaBloPoMo necessity.) But I’ve also written pretty good posts about Helen Thomas, the Phish show we saw at Blossom and, with the help of my friend Kelly, some good stuff about college football.

But what I didn’t do was complete those 30 posts in 30 consecutive days. Which kinda is the whole idea of NaBloPoMo.

Or is it?

I am turning to you guys to help me decide whether or not I can count this as a successful NaBloPoMo month for Uncle Crappy. I’m hoping I can trouble you to offer your vote in the poll that follows; if you have other thoughts, please leave ’em in the comments.

Thank you for your help. I’ll put up yet another post tonight to discuss the results.


  1. I voted for Yes. And I also think that last one. ;)

    Straying from the “theme” is par for the course, I believe. They do say it’s only a suggestion, and it is there mostly (I think) to help foment ideas.

    Plus, let’s face it, it’s not as if they are handing out trophies.


  2. I’m a by-the-rules gal. I never try to merge my car at the last minute because it’s wrong. So, by the technical rules…you didn’t do it. But, your entries were good (except for the one about tinkering at 3 a.m., that just confused me). Ultimately, I don’t care brother…just keep writing when you feel like it and I’ll keep reading.


    1. Actually, if I may interject, according to traffic experts it’s wrong to merge at any moment *before* the last second. The earlier everyone merges, the longer the backup is. Instead, everyone is supposed to slow down and distribute evenly across the available lanes, and then perform a smooth “zipper merge” (that is, take turns) as late as possible. Seriously, those are the rules, check it out: How to Merge.


  3. If the point of participating in NaBloPoMo is to force yourself to write more consistently and challenge yourself to be a better blogger, you are a winner. If it’s to follow the “rules” exactly as they appear on the site? Then, well, FAIL.


  4. I voted No. 3. Git over yourself! It’s just a blog. :)

    But when I did NaBloPoMo, I just made sure to do 30 posts in 30 days.


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