Tomorrow’s going to be interesting — that’s the day we all get Droids at work.

I’m not an Apple devotee to the degree that I feel compelled to stand in line on new gadget release days (although if we had more disposable income, all bets would be off). But I am an Apple guy, and it’s no secret that I’ve been very happy with my iPhone since I got it a few years ago.

The Droid is intriguing, certainly. I got to play with my sister’s phone a little bit when we visited Florida in the spring, and thought it was pretty cool. But full immersion start tomorrow afternoon when we get our new phones and go through a corporate training session on using them (which will be a complete hoot, given that almost no one in the newsroom has a smartphone of any kind at the moment).

I think this has great potential for our newsroom. Sometime soon I hope to get our reporters and photographers up to speed on using Twitter and posting pix and video using the Droids, and I think could potentially make a pretty big difference in what we’re able to offer our readers.

And personally, I’m really curious to see my my phone will stack up against the work phone. Better camera? Video? Which network is faster/has better coverage? Will I be able to cut the data usage on the iPhone and save a couple bucks?

We’ll see.


  1. Soooo???? I can’t wait for you to help me figure out all the things my phone can do that I have no idea about. Also, you need to write up a web page on your findings/comparing the two. It was those types of personal critiques that I used most when getting my Droid


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