We take our tailgating pretty seriously. On home game weekends during the fall, we spend a lot of time planning, preparing and executing some pretty impressive spreads, whether we’re sprinting (getting ready for a noon game) or executing an all-day deal (a night game, usually with two complete meals).

With the help of a good number of friends last summer, we were able to pull together an excellent tailgate for a Pirates game last summer. I grilled a shit-ton of burgers and hot dogs, and many of you guys brought along enough luscious sides that we ate like royalty in the parking lot.

We also had enough beer to tranquilize a team of horses. Also very important.

If you click on the pic above, you’ll be able to take a look at the pix from last year’s tailgate. Everyone who attended said it was one of the best parties of the summer, and I can’t really argue that point.

You say you missed the 2009 party? You’re in luck — we’re doing it again, on July 17. I’m cooking again, we’ll have tons of other food and drinks, we’ll probably miss a good portion of the actual baseball game again — but we won’t miss the fireworks — and when we’re done, you’ll be able to say you attended the best tailgate party ever.

(Except for those ones we do for the Michigan game — those are kind of special.)

Want in? Our organizer, the lovely and talented Jennie, is hoping to have the tickets spoken for by July 1. Want the details? You’ll find ’em here. Questions beyond that? Ask me or her.

Trying to think up excuses as to why you won’t be there? Seriously, you don’t want to miss this two years in a row. We’ll see you there.

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