just exactly perfect.









When I consider the weather, the food, the drinks, the game, the fireworks and, most especially, the friends, I can’t imagine how Saturday’s Bucco Tweetup could have been any better. If we don’t make that an annual event, we are out of our collective minds.

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  1. Susan: Credit goes to my father, who thought these up after getting tired of hauling grills around or discovering that they had been stolen while we watched the game. Very simple. At any place that sells gas grills, buy a grill top — just the part that sits over the flames. Get a heavy-duty foil roasting pan, fill it with match-light charcoal and go to town. It’s best to cover the grill top with foil to control flare-ups a little bit. When you’re done, you take the grill tops home; everything else goes in the nearest Dumpster (after it’s cooled, of course).


  2. Jennie: You deserve big credit for making this one happen.

    Abby: The bar has been set a little higher. I’ll do what I can to see if we can top it with the Pizza-Off.

    Doogle: Early Times pre-mixed mint juleps. Pretty tasty. Among the wonders of buying liquor in the state of Kentucky.


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