At the outset of last night’s Phish show, someone in the #phish stream complained that the band couldn’t possibly do Waiting for Columbus justice, and stomped off of Twitter, just to avoid the indignity of it all.

Phish can take liberties with covers, but in the case of last night’s show they played it straight for the most part — with one possible exception:

Background: The guys took barbershop lessons years ago, and actually used their newfound ability on several tours. The don’t do it much anymore, but a Halloween version of “Don’t Bogart That Joint” seemed to be as good a time as any to break it out again.

It’s November. I’m still blogging. As I did back in June, I’ve kind of fudged the details a little bit — last night’s post came before I went to bed, so to me it was still Sunday, for example.

Whatever. On to month two.