• I hereby declare myself a successful participant in June’s NaBloPoMo event. I do so with your endorsement; 65 percent of you who voted in the poll I put up on Wednesday said so.
  • Another 28 percent of you said I should get over myself. This is probably the correct answer.
  • The classmates’ happy hour last night was a gas. My high school class was enormous — about 550 people — and it seems like each time I go back for a reunion I find a few more people I haven’t seen or spoken with in a very long time. I didn’t get as freaked out about this one as I have with others, and that “Holy crap this is weird” feeling passed pretty quickly. Big fun, and part of me wishes I was going to the actual reunion tonight.
  • The rest of me is pretty damn happy that we’re seeing Furthur tonight.
  • OK. Mrs. Crappy is on her way to Columbus from Pixburke, which means I have just a couple hours to run some errands.
  • And have lunch at White Castle. Wooooo!

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