If you attended Podcamp Pittsburgh Four, you’ll probably recall these two (Not Sorg. I’m sure you already know him.)

They’ll be in town this weekend. And they want to have a drink with you on Saturday night.

HP and DD will magically appear at Piper’s sometime ar0und 7 p.m. Saturday; I imagine we’ll be there for a while. So come by whenever you have a minute, have a beer and say hello.

Because if you don’t, you might get a look like this.


  1. I’m bummed – I’d like to meet these guys, but I have people coming over Saturday. How rude would it be to leave my guests alone in my house?


  2. Have fun – is this the GH activity for the year? Happy GH day to you UC (and all other hogs out there) – I’ve currently burrowing in the farthest east I’ve ever burrowed – Bratislava, Slovakia – it is part of my quick 3 day Hot Dog tour of Europe (fly through Frankfurt, DE on way to Bratislava – with a night and a snitzel or 2 in Wein!!) – then, because the hits keep on coming – I’ll see what the Hindu burrows look like in Bangalore, India on Saturday and on to Pune mid week – I’m on an international hog trip and have had my shots! Any idea on how they spell ruttabegga in Slovakian? I’ve got the CNN channel on that speaks ‘Anglicky’ – but they don’t focus on tubers.

    Have a great time – keep ’em happy


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