We’ve been without television for a few days — thanks for that, Comcast — and have resorted to going through our DVD collection for entertainment in the interim.

We’re well-equipped for this. For instance, on Saturday, Mrs. Crappy pulled out our boxed set of Looney Tunes classics and popped them on for a traditional Saturday-morning slobfest.

This prompted the resumption of a long-standing debate in our house: “Rabbit of Seville” or “What’s Opera, Doc”?

If you’re of a certain age, chances are pretty good you don’t need any further explanation. But if you do: “Rabbit” is the Bugs Bunny episode where he is chased into the Hollywood Bowl by Elmer Fudd and proceeds to take over the production of “Barber of Seville,” featuring a complete makeover of Fudd.

“Opera” featured Fudd as a viking, chasing, and eventually killing, Bugs to the tune of Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” (you know, the “kill the wabbit, kill the WAAABIT” one…).

Both shorts are undeniably classics, but Mrs. Crappy and I have never agreed on which one is best; I’m a “Rabbit” guy and Mrs. Crappy will forever stand by “Opera.”

So, of course, I asked Twitter.

And Twitter mostly agreed with me. I saw 10 responses to my question (Twitter poll: Rabbit of Seville or What’s Opera, Doc?); seven people were with me and the other three sided with Mrs. Crappy.

But while we discussed the results, Mrs. Crappy and I came up with another one that, if I’m basing this on the short’s ability to make me giggle and nothing else, that for me might top the other two. Astoundingly, it wasn’t included in the DVD set we own, so we watched it online.

Yep. Giggling like I was an 8 year old again.

Here’s what I want you to do: Guess the short in the comments. Two hints: It’s a period piece and Bugs Bunny does not appear. I’ll have a $10 iTunes gift card ready for the first person to get it right (including the correct title!). And if you want, I’d also like to hear your favorite Warner Brothers cartoon as well.



  1. Now you’re going to make me look up the name of the short I’m thinking of. Daffy Duck in the Robin Hood themed one. “It’s a buck and a quarter quarter-staff but I’m not tellin’ HIM that.”

    AHA! “Robin Hood Daffy.”


    1. It’s one of Scot’s favorites and when you said ‘period piece with no Bugs’ my mind thought of that instantly.


  2. If I were going from the theme in the use of classical music in Bugs cartoons, I’d have to go with Baton Bunny with his ears playing their own version of cowboys and indians. But, Bugs’ musical bits that stick with me would be more a la Hillbilly Hare. I still fight the urge to not kick my partner in the pants when I hear square dances being called.


  3. I was going to guess Robing Hood Daffy, but Mattieflap beat me to it. So I’ll go with Duck Amuck. But, really, there are SO MANY.


  4. Hmmm – makes me think I need to unplug my Comcast and pull out my Looney Tunes set… Besides the classics mentioned above – I love Foghorn Leghorn and those very polite chipmunks (“no, after you! I insist!”) Oh – and Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a Half Century!!!


  5. Flora LOVES Duck Amuck. It’s her favorite. She requests it, and Dan even found the DSi game version.

    I like What’s Opera, Doc the best. I have to admit (and then I will be ducking & running): the girls and Dan watch so much Looney Tunes — I think Dan has every DVD set — I get totally burned out on them. CIAO!


  6. Sorry Mrs Crappy…Rabbit of Seville is king.

    The last time I saw Bugs he was on a giant screen above the Cleveland Orchestra. Bugs and gang with live music was an awesome experience. When Bugs is massaging Elmer’s head with his feet, I can’t help but laugh out loud. The best part was the slew of kids that got introduced to Bugs that day. If you ever have the chance to see a production like that, don’t pass it up.


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