best day ever.

Happy Groundhog Day, y’all.


How much fun do we have on our Groundhog weekends?

I’m actually not permitted to say, but I thought I’d offer yinz guys this glimpse.

Remember meeting @drunkdude69 at Podcamp? He’s the one responsible for this gem, which is only the greatest song ever written about Punxsutawney:

Need a little — just a little — more backstory? You’ll find it here.

remember me?

Hi. My name is Uncle Crappy, and it’s been six days since my last post.

(Hi, Uncle Crappy.)

In and of itself, six days isn’t a big deal for me — in fact, I used to take longer breaks, intentional or not, pretty regularly. But I did just promise a couple weeks ago that I was shooting for 20 posts a month in 2010, and at this pace, I’m not going to be close for January.

But that’s not the real issue. For the last week or so, I’ve felt a little out of sorts, and I’m not sure why. Some stuff is different, some stuff is the same; I don’t really have anything to be seriously bothered over.

Still. Something ain’t right.

  • Work is something of a challenge at the moment. We switched beats around at the start of the year, and that’s always a little tough while you figure out who’s who and what’s going on with the new stuff. This one is a little tougher, because it’s the only beat we have that regularly competes with the Pittsburgh papers. I don’t mind a little extra pressure, and I’m OK with the knowledge that I’m going to get my ass kicked for a few weeks. For now, it’s hard. Once I get settled, the pressure will still be there, but I’ll get to do the ass-kicking once in a while.
  • We had a trip to Holiday Valley planned for next week. We decided to call it off, as we let our bank accounts recover from Christmas a little bit. That’s definitely a bummer, but I’ve had two good skiing days so far — one Western-style day, just up the road at Seven Springs, and one very good Eastern-style day at the same place a week later — so that’s not what I’m missing. The time on the hill would have been great, but what I’ll miss most is the time Mrs. Crappy and I would have had, alone and away. I mean, I love you guys and everything, but she’s the one I married…
  • We’re resurrecting the annual Groundhog thing after a year off, on the first weekend in February. We’re going to have a good group, a great time, at a great spot. But I’m a little disappointed in the response we got — or, rather, the lack thereof. This was a big deal to a lot of people for a long time. I’ll be OK once we’re set up at Mohican, but I’m still struck by a little doubt — is this worth continuing after this year?

Wow. That’s a lot of bitching. Sorry about that. Clearly, I have some stuff to figure out, and I don’t need to do it all here while you guys patiently (?) wait on me to get my shit together. I have a few exercises in mind to get me going here again; in the meantime, I’ll be over here working on the rest of it.

And: Anyone know where I can get a cheap ukulele?

punxsuperbowley bullets.



@ I’ve seen Santonio do that before. Over and over and over.

@ Thanks to the Steelers’ meager 3-0 lead at the end of the first quarter, I was a winner in the office pool. I may or may not be spending my winnings on hookers and blow.

@ Actually, I didn’t win enough to even think about hookers and blow. But a case of nice beer isn’t out of the question.

@ Unless The Wife asks about the money. In that case: savings account. (Honest, honey!)

@ I’m having some kind of mild-but-sudden allergy problem. And I just ran out of Kleenex. Help.

Groundhog Day

@ In Punxsutawney, a chunkier-looking Phil was blinded by all the Terrible Towels in the audience on Gobbler’s Knob and thought he saw his shadow. That, of course, means I’ll be skiing for another six weeks. At least.

@ We’re having a low-key Groundhog Day. No FOG party this year. And other than dragging myself out of bed to watch the Punxy broadcast on PCN after working my normal late shift on Sunday, we weren’t planning on any official observations.

@ We had a kick-ass time with HP on Saturday, starting with about two hours in the Strip. It reminded me of Christmas, but with different colors:

@ The original impetus for HP’s visit didn’t turn out to be much of a Groundhog celebration either. We were ready to stop at the Harris, until we drove by and noticed that there was no one standing outside along the beautiful ice bar they had set up on the patio. I’d guess that party got going later, but we didn’t feel like waiting; we headed instead to AA’s Living Room and waited for the rest of the YinzTeamers to show up. And they did. And it was good.

@ A word about AA’s Living Room. That’s a great little bar, and I’d say that even if I didn’t have a good friend who is unofficially in charge of the place.


@ One Groundhog thing we may do tonight: re-create the cheeseburgers from Nick’s Corner Lunch in Punxy. Mmmm.

@ Seriously: Congrats, Pittsburgh folks. That was a great game and a great season, and yinz should enjoy it.

@ Now. Nobody talk to me about pro football until September. Thanks.

look: bullets.

Hi. It’s snowing. And I’m not skiing. Yet.

In the meantime, here’s a few things:

  • For the first time in the history of Uncle Crappy, the domain I should have been using all along is active. will direct you back here. Try it for yourself:
  • Yes. The site looks a little different. Just a switch of templates. I haven’t tinkered for a while.
  • I’m still going to Seven Springs on Friday. A couple days ago I told you the high temp was to reach 7 degrees. That’s since been revised; the high is expected to be: 1. Yes. One freaking degree. The good news? They could get around 8 inches of new snow between now and then.
  • This will mean a lot to a few of you: There’s no FOG weekend this year. You’ll get an email soon, or you can check here for a quick explanation. We’re bumming over this.
  • We may try to do something fun when it gets warm, though. Stay tuned.
  • Last weekend’s ice skating adventure was a Tweetup of sorts. There’s another that just popped up, one that has the potential to make a difference in the lives of a few people. It’s our first TweetUp HeatUp — show up at the Harris Grill on Jan. 26, meet all those people you’ve been tweeting with … and bring an article of men’s winter clothing with you. We’ll pass them on to the shelter at the East Libery Presbyterian Church. Details are here. Thanks to Jennie and others for putting this together.
  • Maybe Jennie can tell me who the others are?
  • I just looked at the Harris’ site to grab the link — and they’re hosing Groundhoggapalooza on Jan. 31. Hmmmm…
  • So I don’t have to think about football any more than necessary: The Indians’ pitchers and catcher report to spring training in 28 days.