Hi. My name is Uncle Crappy, and it’s been six days since my last post.

(Hi, Uncle Crappy.)

In and of itself, six days isn’t a big deal for me — in fact, I used to take longer breaks, intentional or not, pretty regularly. But I did just promise a couple weeks ago that I was shooting for 20 posts a month in 2010, and at this pace, I’m not going to be close for January.

But that’s not the real issue. For the last week or so, I’ve felt a little out of sorts, and I’m not sure why. Some stuff is different, some stuff is the same; I don’t really have anything to be seriously bothered over.

Still. Something ain’t right.

  • Work is something of a challenge at the moment. We switched beats around at the start of the year, and that’s always a little tough while you figure out who’s who and what’s going on with the new stuff. This one is a little tougher, because it’s the only beat we have that regularly competes with the Pittsburgh papers. I don’t mind a little extra pressure, and I’m OK with the knowledge that I’m going to get my ass kicked for a few weeks. For now, it’s hard. Once I get settled, the pressure will still be there, but I’ll get to do the ass-kicking once in a while.
  • We had a trip to Holiday Valley planned for next week. We decided to call it off, as we let our bank accounts recover from Christmas a little bit. That’s definitely a bummer, but I’ve had two good skiing days so far — one Western-style day, just up the road at Seven Springs, and one very good Eastern-style day at the same place a week later — so that’s not what I’m missing. The time on the hill would have been great, but what I’ll miss most is the time Mrs. Crappy and I would have had, alone and away. I mean, I love you guys and everything, but she’s the one I married…
  • We’re resurrecting the annual Groundhog thing after a year off, on the first weekend in February. We’re going to have a good group, a great time, at a great spot. But I’m a little disappointed in the response we got — or, rather, the lack thereof. This was a big deal to a lot of people for a long time. I’ll be OK once we’re set up at Mohican, but I’m still struck by a little doubt — is this worth continuing after this year?

Wow. That’s a lot of bitching. Sorry about that. Clearly, I have some stuff to figure out, and I don’t need to do it all here while you guys patiently (?) wait on me to get my shit together. I have a few exercises in mind to get me going here again; in the meantime, I’ll be over here working on the rest of it.

And: Anyone know where I can get a cheap ukulele?


  1. I just checked to see if we could blame your funk on Venus being in Retrograde, but no such luck (have to wait until Oct. for that). So I the next best thing is to blame it on the winter doldrums. You need some sunny days and hopefully you’ll snap out of it. Also, check e-bay and Craig’s List for a ukelele.


  2. if it turns out that you can play the uke, it will be something you got from my mom (thegrandma). she taught herself to play in a day or so and was really good. of course,she also played piano like a pro. thedad


  3. Far be it from me to be a ray of sunshine, but I have to say this about FOG: I’m looking froward to it. As for whether it’s worth continuing… well, that’s really up to us, right? Does it matter that it’s different than it used to be? Isn’t everything? Does that make it less appealing to the folks that will be there this year (and those that we might bring into the fold later)?


  4. E: I look forward to winter; skiing helps keep me right like almost nothing else. Maybe I need to go more often.

    Dad: I wish I had received Grandma’s touch with music. But I’m going to learn the uke.

    DD: You are exactly right. Next year? More pledges…


  5. I’m with drunkdude on the FOG. Let the sunshine in! We can’t wait. It could be worse. The Buckeyes could open on a Thursday. Who do they think we are? The Mountaineers? Oh Crappy…..


  6. Seriously, I understand that FOG has been important to you for a long time. It is tough to see anything change. We may not be able to make FOG as it once was, but were are more than willing to try to make it something that the original FOG would love. Or at least we will freeze in February in a cablin in the woods trying. Matlock can do another interperative dance!?


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