@ I’ve seen Santonio do that before. Over and over and over.

@ Thanks to the Steelers’ meager 3-0 lead at the end of the first quarter, I was a winner in the office pool. I may or may not be spending my winnings on hookers and blow.

@ Actually, I didn’t win enough to even think about hookers and blow. But a case of nice beer isn’t out of the question.

@ Unless The Wife asks about the money. In that case: savings account. (Honest, honey!)

@ I’m having some kind of mild-but-sudden allergy problem. And I just ran out of Kleenex. Help.

Groundhog Day

@ In Punxsutawney, a chunkier-looking Phil was blinded by all the Terrible Towels in the audience on Gobbler’s Knob and thought he saw his shadow. That, of course, means I’ll be skiing for another six weeks. At least.

@ We’re having a low-key Groundhog Day. No FOG party this year. And other than dragging myself out of bed to watch the Punxy broadcast on PCN after working my normal late shift on Sunday, we weren’t planning on any official observations.

@ We had a kick-ass time with HP on Saturday, starting with about two hours in the Strip. It reminded me of Christmas, but with different colors:

@ The original impetus for HP’s visit didn’t turn out to be much of a Groundhog celebration either. We were ready to stop at the Harris, until we drove by and noticed that there was no one standing outside along the beautiful ice bar they had set up on the patio. I’d guess that party got going later, but we didn’t feel like waiting; we headed instead to AA’s Living Room and waited for the rest of the YinzTeamers to show up. And they did. And it was good.

@ A word about AA’s Living Room. That’s a great little bar, and I’d say that even if I didn’t have a good friend who is unofficially in charge of the place.


@ One Groundhog thing we may do tonight: re-create the cheeseburgers from Nick’s Corner Lunch in Punxy. Mmmm.

@ Seriously: Congrats, Pittsburgh folks. That was a great game and a great season, and yinz should enjoy it.

@ Now. Nobody talk to me about pro football until September. Thanks.


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