stillersThree years ago, the Steelers’ Super Bowl win over the Seattle Seahawks sent me into a long, deep funk. The team I loved to hate above all others — with the exception of that stolen team in Baltimore — had reached the pinnacle once again, and I was forced to endure the postgame celebrations that seemed to stretch on for months, each one another reminder that my own team hadn’t yet even played in the game.

We’re hours away from the same possibility today — but this year is a bit different.

What’s changed? The people I know. I was surrounded by Steelers fans back then — colleagues, neighbors, sources — all of whom were thrilled about the win.

This year, a win over the Cardinals would do the same thing — except that many of the happy people will be the friends I’ve found in the last couple of years. I can’t say my feelings towards the local football team have changed a great deal in that time, but today, seeing yinz guys enjoying yourselves seems to be more important.

So. Guys? I still hate your goddamn football team. But today? I’ll be pulling for them to win.


  1. You rock.

    BTW, I would absolutely root for the Browns in a Super Bowl. I may hate them, but as you know, I would still like for them to suck less. If it isn’t the Steelers playing in the Super Bowl, it might as well be a team that one of my friends lurves. Anything is better than Baltimore, after all.


  2. Thanks Uncle Crappy! I, too, would root for the Browns if they were playing! At least you’ll always have me for OSU!!


  3. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts. I will also say as much as it pains me to root for the Browns…I would do it for you! Because after all that’s what friends are for.


  4. Three things:

    1. During the Chicago Bulls dynasty, I lived right down the street from their stadium. I totally regret spending those years hating the Bulls.

    2. My friend moved here from Cleveland, around the same time I moved here from Chicago. He hated the ’05 thing, but these days he’s a full blown Steeler fanatic. When asked what changed: “All my life I’ve been emotionally attached to a loser. I’m sick of it. You just can’t do that to people year after year.”

    3. I too would root for the Browns if they were in the Super Bowl.


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