Unless you actually want tickets. In that case, you should probably go elsewhere.


As of about 10 minutes ago, I have a new whipping boy in the concert ticketing industry.

My hatred of Ticketmaster goes back a long way, but today, they’ve been supplanted by Live Nation, the service that sells tix for shows at the P-G Pavilion.

At 9:50 this morning, I was set up in front of my computer, credit card in hand, ready for the 10 a.m. on-sale for June’s Phish show out in Burgettstown. I didn’t expect this to go smoothly; the demand would be enormous, and I didn’t know if Live Nation’s servers had the horsepower to keep up.

After getting a couple of timeout messages, I got through to the order page. I wanted just two lawn seats, and thought my chances were pretty good. They were, as it turned out; the tix were in my cart, and all I had to do was type in an address and the card number.

In theory, anyway.

Somewhere between the address and the payment page, I discover that Live Nation can’t, in fact, hang. In fact, they crashed and burned like fucking rookies. When the error messages ceased, I got a short note saying I took too long to complete my order and my tickets had been released.

Wait. I took too long? I took too long while I was waiting for your fucking servers to figure out what was going on?

The list of reasons to hate Ticketmaster is long and thorough. I will, however, give them credit for this: Ticketmaster’s shit works. If you don’t get your tickets, it’s because they’re gone, and not because their servers are so hopelessly underpowered that they can’t handle a big push.

Live Nation? Pathetic. If you can’t hang with the big boys, either fix it so you can or fucking stay out of the way.

In the meantime: Anyone have an extra pair to see Phish on 6-18? Help a brother out.


  1. Preach, brother. I mean, haven’t your tech people ever heard of a load test? Jeez, we have a fraction of the market share of Live Nation and we do load tests weekly.

    Rookie mistake, for sure.


  2. Yeah. We had the same problem getting OzzFest tickets in ’07. We bought the new Ozzy CD (2 copies) so we could get a pair of tix for Sorg and I and a pair of tix so my Dad could take a buddy and go with us. It took us (Mike and I both on our laptops with all of the redemption codes written out for each of us) the better part of an hour to actually “complete” the order.

    p.s. You should use your media pass skillz to hook up a backstage pass for media coverage for the event. Although you’d be “working” you’d be backstage at a freakin’ Phish concert!


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