There is good reason to believe that the smartest person in our house is the one who isn’t actually a person.

When he’s not begging us to let him down in the basement, Miles spends a good deal of his time napping. He’s getting close to being nine years old, so sleep is becoming an increasingly important part of his routine.

And you can tell — he’s a professional.

He’s happy to take short naps with us in the mornings and evenings, and he still sleeps on our bed just about every night. But the power sleeping comes in the day, when we’re at work.

And here’s where the smart comes in.

He’s figured out that the sofa bed in the office has a very nice space underneath, protected by the sofa’s cover, which hangs down all the way to the floor.


He also has discovered there’s a furnace vent in the wall right next to the bed. And that if the cover is pulled up just a bit, all that heat blows right underneath the bed.

When he emerges and comes downstairs when we arrive home in the evening, he’s always a little sleepy — and very, very warm.

I wonder if there’s room under there for a couple more.

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