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Sitting in Pittsburgh, waiting for the snow. It’s …

Sitting in Pittsburgh, waiting for the snow. It’s difficult to write a weather story when there’s no weather yet.

This is going to be one of the things I do when I’m not doing something else. You’ll find out a wide variety of things about me, but I’m going to make a couple regular contributions: What I’m smoking, and What’s in my car CD player.

By way of introduction:

I’m 37, and I really should quit smoking. I’m married and we have a cat. I’m a card-carrying member of the liberal media. Musically, I’m a hippie. I love cooking but hate doing the dishes. My sense of outrage isn’t what it used to be. All other sports are things to watch when there’s no football. I like my coffee with cream and sugar. I’m enjoying my subscription to Sports Illustrated. But I’m way behind on my Dick’s Picks and Vault purchases.

And the regular stuff? I’m smoking Camel Lights, mostly because the last gas station I stopped at doesn’t carry Camel Wide Lights. The car CD player has a disc from the live Phish series, the show from Vets in Columbus. I didn’t attend, and I wish I had. I am driving to Philly from my home in Pittsburgh tomorrow to see the Phish show at the Spectrum, and it’s likely that my wife and I will be driving through a pretty serious snowstorm as we go through the mountains on the turnpike tomorrow morning. Welcome to winter.

I’m at work at the moment, and as you might imagine, there ain’t a whole lot going on in the newsroom on the Friday night after Thanksgiving. About three more hours to go…