you did WHAT?

flaky brick
Lookin’ good.

After I posted stuff about my new tattoo over the weekend, one of the biggest things I was curious about was the reaction of my parents. On Tuesday, Father of Uncle Crappy emailed this:

Couple of afternoons ago, I was in the kitchen chopping celery for a meat loaf and Pat asked, “Guess what YOUR son has done now?”

After thinking of a few possibilities, she said it was a tattoo. Hmmmm.

I considered a few possibilities … A big U of M “M” with a screw going into it … the scores of the Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon games … and my fave: a tank with the gun blazing with a pithy slogan like “Guts. Glory. Tanks.” or perhaps “Give War A Chance”.

Then she said it was a brick from Athens.

Perfect, I thought, a tribute to the ancient writer/philosophers like Plato and Socrates.

Then she said it was Athens, OHIO. Hmmmm.

Why not? You love Athens and OU. I think it is cool.

I came very close to getting a small USMC tat … one less person in line at the parlor at Oceanside and I probably would have one.

I’m anxious to see it (and you guys!)

Love, Dad

And now I’m thinking about a tattoo of Plato. Hmmmm.

8. thanked.

I’m always appreciative of the gratitude people express on Veterans Day, whether it’s directed specifically┬áto me or not.

But this one will be hard to top. My sister sent me this on Thursday; it’s from the Veterans Day program they had at the school that Drew and Mollie attend.

That’s me in that list, just above my father, and alongside a lot of other men and women who truly deserve the recognition. As I said, I always appreciate the thoughts, but this one was especially touching.

If you know a veteran, an active, a reservist or a National Guard member, take a second and say thanks today. Trust me — they’ll be thrilled to hear it.