are we there yet?

We’re not. We’re still 2 days, 21 hours and 28 minutes away, in fact.

Until then, here’s a happy memory from a year ago. We’re going to see at least one repeat on Saturday.


I just read, on the web site of the Ann Arbor News, a screed from Michael Taylor, a caretaker Michigan quarterback who did his best to hold on to the position between Jim Harbaugh and Elvis Grbac. Obviously Mikey didn’t get the memo from above — probably straight from Schembechler — about not saying anything even vaguely colorful about Saturday’s game, because Mikey goes on and on about how he has no respect for Ohio State or its fans, because we, as a group, are “classless.”

Hm. I have no doubt that there are crappy fans in Columbus. I also have no doubt that there are just as many assholes in Ann Arbor — perhaps even more. My two personal experiences, in 1991 and 1993:

After watching Michigan beat my Buckeyes 31 to 3 in 1991, we — and by that I mean my mother — were accosted by a group of drunk Michigan students as we headed back to the car. Sparkling vocabulary. The onslaught stopped when my father and I suggested that they move on.

While watching Ohio State’s marching band go through a pregame Script Ohio in 1993, I had beer cans, soda cups and other trash thrown at me simply because I was standing. Very classy behavior.

Mikey: Please. It would be best to check around Ann Arbor before you start talking about classless behavior. You’ve got plenty of people to complain about right there at home.

And if the rest of you are wondering: Three days, 19 hours, and 23 minutes. Bring it.

the most wonderful time of the year.

Sorry about the impromptu vacation. Work, football games, busy, etc.

Had another solid effort with this week’s tailgate, and started thinking about Michigan about halfway through the third quarter of Ohio State’s beating of Northwestern. The past few weeks have been great, footballwise … and Saturday’s game felt like one of those games in the 70s I referenced a few posts back. We’ll be ready on Saturday …

The Sunday version is a little more tenuous. The Browns play at Pittsburgh tonight — now, actually — and while in the past I would have worked myself into a lather for this, things aren’t the same. The team has been so bad since they returned to the league that it’s a little difficult to get too excited about the prospect of getting stomped by the Steelers again. I think Romeo is going to put together a solid team in Cleveland, but we’re not going to see real progress on the field for another couple seasons after this one, but that’s a long time to wait. And it ain’t going to help me much tonight.

I’m wearing my Browns’ Chris Spielman jersey at work, but my mind is already in Ann Arbor. That’s the game that really matters, and I can’t wait for it to get here.