12. good morning.

snowing morningThat’s a nice thing to wake up to.





Seven Springs will look nothing at all like this tomorrow morning.

But I’m excited about the little bit of snow we’re supposed to get overnight anyway.

one more week.


This is what I want Seven Springs to look like.


This is what Seven Springs actually looks like at the moment.


Friday was going to be the day that I skied for the first time since 2011. But between last weekend’s rain and this week’s ice — and the astronomical amount of money it costs to ski a Friday, which is now deemed a weekend day by the resort — I’m not feeling like my triumphant return should be spent slogging through groomed ice balls and muddy snow.

But given this:


Low 20s is great snowmaking weather.
Low 20s is great snowmaking weather.


… I think it’s safe to say that you’ll find me at Seven Springs next Friday.


Your Pittsburgh-area forecast:


When we move to Canada, it won’t be because of a politician. It’ll be because they still have winter up there.

swimming eve.

We all know the Yinzteam Polar Bear Plunge is tomorrow morning. For those of you who are joining us — swimming or support — here are the details:

* The Crappys — including my parents — will in the Mon Wharf lot by 8:30. As we’ve done the past two years, we’re going to park on the side closer to the Point, so head down that way when you arrive and look for the red Element.

* Haven’t been to the Wharf before? Best way is to approach from Wood Street at Fort Pitt Boulevard and look for the yellow sign, as seen in the pic below:

* Make an effort to get there early. We lost some swimmers last year when they got stuck in traffic.

* Swimming usually starts after 9. We’ll go around 9:15 or something.

* The weather’s going to suck. Expect rain and temps around 40 when it’s time to swim.

* Bring: Towels, warm clothes, cameras, shoes you can wear in the water and others to change into after.

* Tip: It might sound counter-intuitive, but I’ve found it’s easier to make the plunge in just a bathing suit. You’ll have much less cold, wet clothing to remove once you get out — and trust me, you’ll be in a hurry to get the wet, cold stuff off.

* When we’re done? We’re heading to Piper’s Pub, 1828 E. Carson St., for beer and Irish boxty (or maybe that’s just me).

* Watch Twitter tomorrow morning for any updates. I’ll use the #yinzteamplunge hashtag for easy searching.

See y’all there.

6. ski target.

Since we moved to Pittsburgh in 2008, I’ve looked up at this hill and thought: “I could ski that.”

It’s easy to see from I-279, especially as you head south towards the city. And you probably already know that there’s a Target and a Sam’s Club up there.

These thoughts have plagued me even before February 2010, when a record snowfall buried everything in the region — including this hill. I actually didn’t get to ski much that month — just getting around town was a chore for a while, much less getting up to Seven Springs — but someone did. When we finally made our way out to Target for the first time after the storm, I noticed ski and snowboard tracks snaking down the hill.

Jealous. Like. Whoa.

A couple days ago, I looked up there again. I really want to do it. I’m going to do it, if we get enough snow this winter.

Today, I saw this — Accuweather’s winter forecast:

All I’m saying is, if you happen to see tracks up there sometime in January or February, it totally wasn’t me. Ahem.