she’s gonna LOVE this

It occured to me that my wife may be a bit uncomfortable with the fact that her name frequently appears in this blog. For whatever reason, she’s concerned with her anonymity vis a vis the internet, and although she hasn’t asked me to do so — partly because I don’t think she even knows this exists — I’m altering all the references to her.

Here’s the good part. If you know my wife, you probably know that she’s not particularly fond of the term, “The Wife.” She points out that it’s often used in a manner that suggests a possession or a person of second-class status in comparison with the speaker. She isn’t one to issue many ultimatums (would that be ultimata?), but she did issue this one shortly after we were married four-and-a-half-years ago: “YOU WILL NOT REFER TO ME AS ‘THE WIFE’ EVER.”

And I haven’t. Until now.