The new Turbo Pinto is shaping up very nicely. A few hints:

  • Dead/Stones get more of the attention they both deserve.
  • The requests helped. A bunch.
  • It fucking kills me that Peter Gabriel’s So wasn’t recorded until 1986.
  • How’s this for a sequence: Pretenders, Cheap Trick and the B-52s?
  • The Velvet Underground saved my ass again.

Turbo Pinto 2.0. Release date July 1, 2005.


2 Replies to “tease.”

  1. Uncle,

    So pleased to hear that TP2 is humming along. Something about this whole reunion deal has got to be fun. The transitions and the sequencing will — again — make you legendary. Think Texas Radio and the Big Beat.


  2. Comments on each bullet point:
    Too much? Phooy; Thanks, I think; I kept thinking about Sledgehammer when I gave my imput as well; hummm, first initials of each one gives us PCB – don’t give me no spots on my apples; nothing like velvet and rear ends I say.
    Adios until next time!


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