the tiki bar is open.

I would have posted something a couple days ago, but I had no cell service on Kelley’s Island in Lake Erie, where I spent the last few days with The Wife and Fred and Ethel. And now that I think about it, having no cell phone service is the ideal way to spend a few days in the islands, even if the islands are in Ohio.


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  1. Holy Moses!!!! So, did you guys get crazy drunk there, just like everyone else?? It is way to fun there.
    Best beer friend


  2. Put-in-Bay, the Vegas of Ohio – what happens there, stays there (you hope!). So, did you enjoy a quaff at the world’s largest bar or take the boat ride over to Lonz Winery? Good, fun memories – I’d like to tell you more, but as I said . . .


  3. Actually, we decided to stick with Kelley’s Island, because of the more low-key deal there. The daily schedule was this: Wake up, eat, go to the beach (actual sand and everything), drink, eat, drink and then maybe eat some more, drink and go to bed. Repeat.

    And while The Wife and I have enjoyed both a quaff at the world’s longest bar — and will probably do so again — making the trip to Lonz will be a little tougher since it kind of, um, blew up a couple years ago. And now the state is making some improvements to Middle Bass — where Lonz was — and what’s left of the winery will someday be a bed andd breakfast.


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