OK, a big part of the reason I’m so beat tonight is because The Wife and I finally took in a proper show last night: the Allman Brothers, supported by moe., at Star Lake. The Allmans were as hot has they have been for the last few years (and I got to see a “Jessica” for just the second time in like eight Allmans shows). And moe. just might be my new favorite band. And that has nothing to do with the fact that I got to interview Chuck Garvey, one of moe.’s lead guitarists, for a preview story I wrote for the show.

But the other thing is that work kind of got in the way today. A lightning strike at at seminary (if you’re thinking about adopting religions, I think we can safely rule out the Episcopalians…). The death of a former county commissioner. A fatal wreck that I almost missed. About four times as many cop briefs as I get on a typical Sunday.

So I’m beat, boys and girls, and I have an hour in the car before I can go to bed.


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  1. Check out the most recent STONE w/ wedding crashers on the cover for mention of your favorite — at least most recently interviewed — guitar player sitting in w/ the masses. Apparently working that hard does have it’s rewards. Let us hope that is the case for journalists as well.


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