At some point over the weekend, someone picked up Western Pennsylvania and deposited it somewhere in South Florida. I’m not quite sure when this happened, but I do know the heat and humidity would be a lot more bearable if I had been able to find, you know, an ocean around here someplace.


  1. I never believed “It’s not the heat it’s the humidity” until after I moved back to good ol’ Western Pa. from Bakersfield, Calif. There, with practically no humidity, 100 degrees was a piece o’ cake to deal with. Here? Well, I’m with you. An ocean would help.


  2. God Bless y’all, but for years I’ve thought that somewhere off the coast of Florida would be a fine place for the entire state of PA. Except of course for Punxy, and all those loved by uncle and the lovely. Oh yeah, if Large has anything there he can’t live w/out, throw it a life raft. But all the state troopers, blue laws, roadways in general, most human beings, Pittsburgh verbal tics, pizza lore, and all else that makes up that godforsaken state GETS TO DROWN. It’s not like the Cubans want to risk taking a cultural step backward by rescuing PA. And maybe while we’re making sweeping changes to geography, Michigan could serve as an anchor to keep PA from drifting. But that leaves Cleveland… So many undesirable places, so little time…


  3. “aaaahhhhh shit, it aint hot, its a dry heat”
    Much love from Cleveland and the NorthCoast:
    those “D&^% A## MO FO’s never lived in Ohio without the blessings of clear and cool Heat Pump Central Air. They should be shot.
    Completely intolerable last week.
    Heat Satan

    PS extended apologies for the cursing


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