The Wife and I just got our butts kicked down in Pittsburgh tonight. Widespread Panic is the real fucking deal, boys and girls. I can’t tell you what we heard — mostly because I don’t have a clue about what they play — but it was wicked and righteous … and I’m ready for more.


  1. UC-
    Dirt Merchant and I have been Panic fans for quite some time – one of my favorites – Ain’t Life Grand – “in my mind I was a child, and it felt good”.

    Got a theme here – Buffett – “I’m growing older but not up, my metobolic rate is pleasently stuck”

    Buy the WSP CD Ain’t Life Grand – put it in your car – turn the volume up to 11 – roll the windows down, and speed.


  2. UC and others –
    I had a really good day today. Music was involved. How ironic UC posted about his WSP concert.

    While at work, I cruised an old site that I haven’t spent much time on recently – – it is the, and I mean the, best radio station that I have ever come across. It is based in Boulder, Colorado – hence the signature K (as all things west of the ol’miss are) B (Boulder) CO (Colorado).

    This station has been extremely influential and instrumental in promoting good, good music. Its tag line is “World Class Rock” and quite simply – it is. They have promoted Toad the Wet Sproket, Tori Amos, Lyle Lovett, Leftover Salmom (couldn’t leave that one out Dirt Merchant), DMB and countless others.

    To demonstrate why I was drawn to live in Boulder/Denver and still miss many aspects of it – KBCO is, has been, and will still be the highest ranked radio station in the Denver metro area – lot’s of people being exposed to really good music and liking it.

    They also have one of the original and the best radio station recording studio and history – Called Studio C – every year they produce a CD, sold the Friday after Thanksgiving – of the best of studio C – 16 years running now. They also have a morning DJ – Brett Saunders – who quite frankly – is scary in his music knowledge – he has a weekly skit where listeners call up and quiz the ‘sage of rock’ – Buffett and Grateful Dead questions are off limits (due to the fans’ demensia I guess) but everything else is fair game – and he knows it –

    Okay, so here’s why it was such a good day. For years, radio stations had ceased to broadcast over the internet – intellectual property issues. Well, they are back on – So, I’m going to find a way to link my high speed internet connectivity to my stereo, and get my old friend back on the air in my house. As your attorney, I advise the same.

    So here is what I say to do – go to look around – you’ll like it. Get a way to get its feed out – you’ll be amazed at what a really good station can sound like at home – you’ll even catch up on the Front Range weather and traffic.

    Happy listening.


  3. 1: Old Neighborhood, Wondering > Chunk Of Coal, Can’t Get High > C. Brown > Dyin’ Man > It Ain’t No Use > Rock, Ain’t Life Grand
    2: Help Me Somebody > You Should Be Glad > Coconut, Cows Come Home > Daisy Mae, Diner > Driving Song > Red Hot Mama > Driving Song > Big Wooly Mammoth > Dear Mr. Fantasy
    E: Heaven, Knocking ‘Round The Zoo

    We heard a fantastic “Ain’t Life Grand” to close the first set, and the “Dear Mr. Fantasy” was a total surprise and as good as any version I ever heard the Dead play. We will be seeing Panic again.

    And then there’s the Colorado radio. When Juan and I spent a week at Breck, we both enjoyed listening to KSMT, not only for the skiing info we picked up every morning, but for what appeared to be a complete lack of a playlist or programming philosophy — “we’re jsut going to play a little bit of everything.”

    I returned to Breck once with my family, and I was happy to find that KSMT hadn’t changed. We were there over New Year’s, and on New Year’s Eve I was missing a pay-per-view of that year’s GD NYE show. Determined not to do without, I called KSMT — probably around 12:30 local time — and explained that 1 a.m. the Dead would be celebrating the new year in Oakland and that we should be doing the same. Apparently it sounded like a good idea to the guy at the station, because come 1 a.m. — midnight pacific time — KSMT played about a half-hour of GD non-stop.

    We’re lucky enough to have a public radio station with a really open playlist here in Pittsburgh. If you’re checking out streaming stations, try Good stuff…


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