trouble ahead.

Since we last spoke:

@ The cold got better, although I still have two lungs full of gunk, which is trying to escape. I have coughing fits in the newsroom and everyone moves away. The Wife has the cough too, and we’re trying to figure out how to have coughing fits in harmony.

@ We went to Columbus last weekend, because for christsake I’m not missing a football game, even if I am sick. A sloppy game and an exciting win all at the same time. At halftime they introduced the 1975 team, which was a Rose Bowl win away from a national championship. Those teams tended to beat just about everyone 56-3. Sometimes I miss those days.

@ I got to eat a hot dog made by Omaha Steaks. Sweet jesus — that’s the best hot dog I’ve ever had.

@ I left a pen in the pocket of one of my pairs of work pants that I washed over the weeknd, and it stained nearly every pair of work pants I owned.

@ I used birthday money to buy new work pants.

@ Oh, and we got a new car. Honda Element. It’s the coolest thing ever.

The Wife and I have both trudged through another week, and we’re coming to Columbus again this weekend — not for football, this time, but for the wedding of Everyone’s Favorite Coochie Doctor, as well as Ethel’s 40th birthday. Not enough sleep in that schedule.

2 Replies to “trouble ahead.”

  1. A hotdog from Omaha steaks….sweet jesus, what will they think of next.

    …that word verification is a challenge when one is lit up….maybe I should have one of those on my cell phones so I don’t drink an dial so much.


  2. If they can rig a car with something that doesn’t let you drive after a few beers, surely we can do the same with a cell phone. Or a computer. Although that would make Uncle Crappy significantly less interesting.

    And the Omaha Steak hot dogs are Seriously. Fucking. Good.


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