Now that the time has come to set aside one obsession — um, that would be college football, for those of you who may not have been paying attention — I get an immedate shot at starting up another.

Yes. It’s time for me to start babbling about skiing again.

This makes it look like we got more snow than we actually did, but it was pretty cool to see when I came home from work (where there was nothing but flurries). Even cooler? The snow belt areas around Peek n’ Peak and Holiday Valley are supposed to get as much as a couple feet by the end of the week.

Uncle Crappy may be skiing next weekend, boys and girls…


  1. Kewyson is looking for a way to buy a new pair of skis this year – financial realities make it look dim (we have not sold our NJ house yet :( ) – nothing like paying TWO mortgages –

    either way – I’m going to make it out a number of times this year – about an hour away from okay stuff (where I’ll get Callie on skis this year) – and only 5 hours away from Ver-frickin its cold-mont – Ski it if you can.

    UC – what do you say to a long weekend up my way – Whiteface or Sugarbush?? We can probably talk Dirtmerchant into something –

    We may get a few flakes here next to the ocean tonight – rain tomorrow – my problem is – with both dogs and kids – making snowmen uncovers things sometimes – part of life – it happens – snowmen with bits of, you know – decrement.

    I’m cooking the meal tomorrow – and you know what that means – a bit of wine here, a bit of wine there – cook is happy – where’s the turkey??

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. yeah…it’s always hard to talk me into going skiing. Especially if there is a chance there might be some alcohol nearby.

    Headin’ to CO on Monday….no snow in Idaho…just fog, so it’s time to leave.

    Happy holidays fellers…have a drink or ten for me.

    How ’bout them bucks!!!!


  3. Chef Kewyson been busy since 10 a.m. – and just opened first bottle of wine – 1 p.m. – shouldn’t be loosing the turkey today –

    Was up a number of times last night with the girls – looked for snow – all we got was drizzle – cold drizzle – snow will come – Callie said today, after Thanksgiving is Christmas and we get to open up the presents under the tree – oh, what fun the next month should be (parents gain so much control with the evil santa, who knows when they’ve been pouting and they better be good – for goodness sake).

    Happy Holidays


  4. Ahh…the liver is evil and must be punished.

    Punished it was…and is. To celebrate a stellar performance by my internal organs. I give them an unending stream of whiskey (with an E..the southern kind).

    My doctor just gave me two thumbs up despite my best efforts to commit suicide, one glass at a time. Heh-heh-heh..they’ll never catch me.

    Ya’ll need to check out…these people speak our language.

    Hope ya’ll had a great giving of thanks day.




  5. It sounds like Chef Kewyson successfully navigated a full Thanksgiving dinner. Uncle Crappy didn’t have to do much more than eat his weight in Thanksgiving-type food, watch football and occasionally wrestle with our young cousins. Hope everybody else did just as well…

    And skiing? Maybe next weekend… Although I have to say a trip east sounds tempting…


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