Sorry. I’ve been working, shopping, eating, mailing, drinking, driving, mailing, drinking, baking (yes…), watching, decorating, shopping, drinking, working, eating, wrapping and shopping.

Whew. I need a beer.


  1. UC –
    you’ve been doing a lot of ‘ing’s – hope you have most all of the prep work done – then you can focus on libations – I’m one of the 7 million subway riders who can’t – so I’ve been a bit inconvienced with the ordeal – maybe I should libate before my commute – i’d either become a happy, happy walker or a surley one – probably depend upon the outside temp.

    Have a holly jolly Christmas, its Christmas time again (I get to watch ALL of them, over and over again).

    Adios mi amigo!


  2. Yeah, I was wondering how the New York contingent — meaning you and Dr. History — were going to fare today. Sounds like a good justification to start Christmas vacation, um, now.


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