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  1. Here’s my story:

    Best gift I got:
    From Mom – pair of socks – no that’s not it.
    From Mother-in-law – an electric twirling fork to eat spaghetti – no that’s not it.
    From wife – boxers and undershirts – useful, but that’s not it
    (I must be really hard to buy for or have been naughty . . )
    From Brother-in-law: Lord of the Rings trilogy DVD – haven’t seen it yet – but I’m looking forward to it – that ties with
    Sister: pair of very nice really sharp kitchen knives – since I cook most meals – really useful.

    Now – best gifts given – now let me preference this with the amount of outside activity on the personal front – with still trying to sell one home, unpack and move into another – etc. etc. etc. – things were a bit tight this year – and even so – I could have pulled off a pretty good giving season – but I pretty much fucked it up with regards to gifts to the wife (kids are easy – we’re alreay pulling off another lie to them – so if it goes wrong – you blame both Santa and the kid – they must have been bad) –
    Here’s what I did –
    I bought two books for her – from Amazon – but failed to click the – do not send receipt e-mail home – wife saw e-mail – didn’t think buying “Mine are Spectacular! and The Botox Diaries” were for my own personal reading – so she was tipped off.
    Then I went on-line and purchased a big LL Bean beach bag with her name embroidered on the bag – no problem there – except when the fucking thing arrived, addressed to me, I had a complete brain fuck and proceeded to ask the wife – did you order anything from LL Bean? All of a sudden, a couple of remaining nerves fired, and I tried to cover ‘ nevermind ‘ she figured it out.
    So, so far, 0 or 2. I scored with one good gift – nice and simple – a nice roomy, cotton, sleep shirt with “Mommy needs Sleep” printed on the front. She loves it.

    Hope you all had wonderful times – filled with good cheer – Happy belated Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and here’s to a happy healthy 2006!


  2. Best gift bought in a store: Bilingual Laptop for my 5-year-old nephew. Soldiers for my 3 1/2 year-old nephew (tie). Can’t beat the looks on little kids faces when they get something they really like.

    Best gift that I didn’t know was a gift: My husband & I are attempting to get back together. He said the best gift I gave him was going to the church Christmas play with him, the party afterward, and going to his parents’ house on Christmas Eve.

    Best gift I received: Time with the family. This is the first time since before my youngest nephew was born that we’ve all been together for Christmas.


  3. Best gift: Well it’s a tie….
    time with family and friends….time to relax. 9 days off in a row was spectacular and entirely necessary.

    tied with….Harmon + Kardon receiver with surround sound set up. DVD’s and music have reached new levels!!!!

    Happy New Year to all!


  4. The best I got probably should be the LCD TV my folks got for us — it made the Fiesta Bowl look even prettier — but oddly enough the gift I most looking forward to using is the beautiful chef’s knife The Wife got for me.

    The best I gave wasn’t a Christmas gift at all — I gave The Wife a second wedding band for her birthday. She was happy, and so was I.


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