OK. The Grounghog thing is done. We delayed the trip to Columbus for a week because we were exhausted. So what did we do this weekend? Went skiing. Twice.

Well, I went twice, on Friday to Seven Springs, and on Saturday to Hidden Valley with The Wife, who’s still trying to figure out why ski boots aren’t getting along with her. She found a pair recently in Columbus that seemed to be much more comfortable than her original pair, but once we got outside on Saturday, she was experiencing the same pain she had in Colorado last year.

We leave for a return trip to Colorado in three weeks. This is not good.

She finally figured out a way to adjust them so she could ski comfortably, but that solution consisted of wearing them as loosely as possible. Once that was accomplished, she did fine, even taking on a couple of fairly steep — by Hidden Valley standards — slopes without flinching. Much.

We will come back to Columbus this weekend, so the kid who helped us with this pair of boots a few weeks ago can make some additional adjustments. And it may not be the end of the world if her boots are a little loose, because she’s not going to be hucking any cliffs while we’re at Snowmass.

But jesus, this is frustrating. She’s had to spend so much time and energy worrying about her boots that she’s not left with much of the same for trying to figure out how to ski. If she could just be comfortable, she’d be a good skier — she does pretty well as it is, in only her third season.

So we’re coming to Columbus on Friday. On Saturday, we’ll get up early and head to Mad River — the site of some of my few real stabs at juvenile delinquency — get a couple of half-day passes so we’re out by the time the area gets really crazy and then stop by Skismith on the way home to hopefully get her boots figured out.

And then we head west. Comfy boots and all.


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  1. UC-
    Bad boots suck. Seriously, though. Without getting into much back and forth here – if the wife has a wide foot and is experiencing pain b/c of side pressure – put the boots on at home and have her draw a circle around the part where the pressure is – then a good ski shop (don’t know if there is one in Cow-town or But-town (that’s my new nickname for your neck of the woods) can blow out the shell, making room – if the issue is a calf issue – some boots have more room than others – don’t want to say – go buy another pair – maybe some on-line research could bring up a couple ideas – then renting for a day –

    Now – what to do in 3 weeks? I would say spending the first morning / day out there having the boot fitted may be well worth it – I don’t know the shops up in the high country – but if your plane gets in early enough – swing through Boulder – go to the ‘Boulder Ski Deals’ (in shopping center at Folsom & 30th) and have them do a fitting – both myself and Kewywife had our boots fitted there – also – for yourself (since money is not really an object) get a pair of fitted cork inserts for your boots – proper alignmnet of ones feet means better edging.

    good luck!


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