hey. look.

If I could trouble you to check out Other People’s Stuff over there on the right, you’ll notice a couple recent additions that I think are worth checking out. First, you’ll see the blog of Sean Daly, the music critic for the St. Petersburg Times, and a neighbor of the Sister of Uncle Crappy. Sean’s got a cool perspective on music, a blog that does a nice job of soliciting opinions from readers and, according to my sister, a CD collection that will make me drool.

And last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to check out Hell Pellet, a newish blog by our own HP, who’s apparently been holding out on us. There’s Cleveland stuff, Pittsburgh stuff, bicycling stuff, drinking stuff, weather stuff. Sounds a little familiar, except for the riding-a-bicycle-for-100-freaking-miles part, which, while something I admire tremendously, I simply can’t comprehend. The one time I rode my bike for more than 10 miles or so was on a 50-mile ride that I bailed on after about 35, when Juan and the support car drove back to find me, with cigarettes and martinis. I stopped right then. I’m not saying I won’t do it in 2007, but we need to find a non-football weekend first, OK?

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  1. a combination of both is your best bet. Especially with longer miles.

    Martinis and cigs at the finish line!

    BTW, thanks for the righteous props!


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