OK, boys and girls, we’ve rounded up a bunch of takers for the Second Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge, and the fun is ready to begin.

We’ll start by revealing Uncle Crappy’s picks:

The Final Four is Florida, UCLA, North Carolina and Ohio State.
Ohio State beats Florida in the final 129-8.*

*Note: Score prediction has no bearing on outcome of the Second Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge.

Next up is The Wife, whose thinking is similar:

A) Remember, I’m a UNC fan when it comes to basketball.
B) Florida, Georgetown, Ohio State and Kansas. Unfortunately I don’t think UNC has the gas to beat Georgetown this year, damn it.
C) The final will be Florida vs. Ohio State, because the universe has a strange sense of humor.
D) Ohio State will prevail this time, and hopefully one of Oden’s big arms will ACCIDENTALLY smack Noah in the face and the jerk will lose his “dancing” ability.

I’d rather see Noah get jacked in the head by the ball after an Oden block and spend the rest of the game cowering on the bench, but this is her prediction, and not mine.

Moving on to Kewyson:

I spent a good part of an hour, of which many more will be used in the next number of weeks, of my employers time to create my prediction – used si.com to review notable wins along with last 10 records – picked a couple of upsets – that were quickly beaten by the next favorite and came up with . . . . .

Final 4 – OSU, Florida, Kansas and North Carolina – Final – OSU beating Florida – wow – all #1 seeds – who could have figured – that’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

I’m sensing a trend here.

Fred, who donned his learned pig persona to delve into last year’s picks, opted for a simpler approach this time around. I’m attributing this to the fact that both Fred and Ethel are suffering from the plague at the moment.

Georgetown, Kansas, OSU, Oregon
Kansas beats Georgetown

i don’t really know why…


And from Ethel, the other half of the tuberculosis ward:

This is being done through a haze of genuine sickness so we’ll see how it

Final four: Maryland, UCLA, Texas and OSU
Semis: Maryland (over UCLA) and Texas (over OSU)
Champion: Texas

Based on nothing but woozy guesses.

Uncle Crappy prescribes Irish whiskey and lots of couch time for Fred and Ethel.

You’ll recall that Mr. Burns was boycotting brackets last season, but gamely accepted the picks I gave him. Since I picked George Mason to make the Final Four, he seemed pretty happy with the results, which left him with a share of the three-way championship with Fred and yours truly. This year, he thought he’d take a shot on his own:

Ohio State
TITLE: Georgetown v. Florida
WINNER: Florida

SCarolina Boy sticks with the SEC, because he lives down there and because his Michigan Wolverines are once again ready to absolutely dominate the NIT:

Final Four: Florida vs. UCLA, UNC vs. OSU
Championship: Florida vs. UNC
Champion: Florida (gotta stick with the SEC! Sorry, The Wife!)

I will let you know where you can send my prize package!

SCarolina Boy says UNC goes down in the final. Large sees it differently. I’m giving you both of his posts, with the second entry being the official one:

I’ve studied the RPI and strength of schedules. I’ve analyzed the effect of travel and neutral court won loss records. I used the freedom of information act to review their criminal records. I’ve watched the cheerleaders, again and again and again…I’ve graded the pep bands and factored in alumni support. I watched ESPN, Foxsports, George Michael’s Sports Machine. I’ve listened to the talking heads, not those heads, the ones on TV that talk about this stuff. I put it all into the computer and this is what came out…

Final Four: FLA, UCLA, Georgetown, OSU
Final: UCLA Georgetown
Champ: Georgetown

Darkhorse (must be seeded 5 or lower) to make the final four: Louisville
Surprise mid-major (must be seeded 11 or lower) to make the sweet 16: George Washington

P.S. I’ll probably change my mind overnight and resubmit in the morning.

And he did:

I’ve reconsidered. Forget all that analysis stuff. It came to me in a dream last night. The national champ wears blue on the road, and what a pretty blue it is:

FLA, Kansas, NC, Memphis
Kansas, NC

And yes, this is a not-so-subtle ploy to curry favor with The Wife!

Sister of Uncle Crappy, who’s had to endure heaps of abuse as an Ohio State grad living in Florida, couldn’t be blamed if she was looking for revenge. She took the high road instead:

(Brother in law of Uncle Crappy) has my filled-out bracket at work so I’m not 100% who I picked, so I guess I’ll start over with you.

Let’s say the final four are UCLA vs. Florida & Georgetown vs. Texas A&M.
Final game is UCLA vs. Georgetown
Winner is Georgetown

HP, who missed the First Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge because she went for like a week without checking her email, joins us as well:

Final Four
Kansas vs Maryland
Texas vs Buckeyes

The Deux
Buckeyes vs Kansas

There can be only one

Me likey.

Ahomer, a friend from the DC area, not only gets his picks in, but serves as the set-up man for Juan. More about that shortly:

uc–thanks for the invite. i missed phil’s mom’s picks today, so i’m just going to have to go with my gut. just printed a bracket off and filled it out in about 5 minutes. i haven’t paid enough attention to college basketball this year to warrant any more effort.

final four–Wisconsin, Georgetown, Ohio State, Pitt.
final–Georgetown vs. Wisconsin
the winner–Georgetown

Tough to argue with Georgetown — that’s a monster team.

Now — what’s with this Phil’s Mom thing? Uncle Crappy’s infatuation with Tony Kornheiser is well-documented, and the mother of Phil “The Showkiller” Ceppaglia, who served as the producer for Kornheiser’s radio show when it was on ESPN, has been a fixture during tournament time for several years. She’s usually relied upon to provide a little comic relief, because she knows absolutely nothing about basketball, but last year, Phil’s Mom shocked the world by picking George Mason to win it all. GM nearly did, making it to the Final Four and making Phil’s Mom nothing short of a folk hero.

What does that mean for this year? She made her picks on Kornheiser’s show yesterday, and Juan — whose knowledge of college basketball is probably on par with that of Phil’s Mom — has agreed to use her picks in the Second Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge:

UNLV, Holy Cross, Marquette and Creighton make up the Final Four.
Marquette beats UNLV in the final.

Not bad, actually. Marquette’s good enough to go deep.

That’s what we got, folks. Thanks for playing, and good luck to everyone — especially me.


  1. Let me say this about that…
    I have watched parts of exactly one college basketball game this year. So, I spent somewhere between 5 and 7 minutes working on my bracket.

    I should have picked someone like Gonzaga to take it home….


  2. I almost forgot. I have been prodding DrunkDude to put in his two cents all week…
    today he uttered something like Ball State at the Gamecocks.

    I think he just likes the names.


  3. hp

    According to David Letterman (Ball State alum), he would like his alma mater to officially be called “Ball U”. That seems to go even better with the “Cocks”!!

    SC Boy


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