* Thanks to everyone who participated in the Second Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge. Congratulations to Mr. Burns, who proved without a doubt this year that he’s capable of picking games all by himself, and therefore will be the recipient of the promised fabulous prizes.

* An honorable mention goes to Columbus native Kewyson, who had to spend last night watching the game in an Orlando-area bar, while he vacations in Mouseland with his family. There should be combat pay involved.

* As far as the game goes, the loss of Mike Conley to foul trouble in the first half was the killer. Without him on the floor, there was no flow to the offense and Ohio State dug a hole it couldn’t escape from in the second half, when the Bucks actually outscored the Gators.

* Greg Oden showed last night why he’s going to be an NBA standout for a Very. Long. Time. Florida pretty much established a four-man rotation against him, with two of the guys serving no purpose but to beat on him until they fouled out.

It didn’t work. Oden played 38 minutes, scored 25 points, hauled in 12 rebounds and stuffed four Gator shots. His talent is obvious; his heart was the thing that stood out on Monday. Whether he stays or goes, he deserves our thanks.

* There is not a state in the union I hate as much as Florida right now. The trip there in two weeks is still on, but I feel a little like Woody Hayes in the famous story about him coasting across the state line from Michigan to Ohio because he refused to buy gasoline in the State Up North.

I am going to have to buy some beer while I’m there, though … otherwise I’ll never make it through the week.

2 Replies to “swamped.”

  1. It’s tolerable down here..just don’t wear scarlet and grey. Besides, where we’re going EVERYTHING is Mickey Mouse, It’s A Small World, and happy, happy, happy. You’ll forget you’re in gator country.


  2. UC, you are right on with your comments on Oden. He was the best player on the floor on Monday night. Florida’s strategy was solid on paper, but talent always trumps numbers, for proof check out “300”. Oden kept his composure and subsequently dominated the paint.

    The loss of Conley to foul trouble hurt too, but let’s put the blame where is belongs. Lewis and Butler are paid, er, on scholarship to knock down shots and guard perimeter players. Lewis pulled a disappearing act for all-time based on his performance leading up to the final four. And, Butler reprised Kevin Bacon’s portrail of the invisible man in “Hollow Man”. It goes without saying that Butler and Bacon both stunk. OSU was outscored by 18 points on three point shots and lost by nine. I’m sure those two are going to have some sleepless nights wondering about what might’ve been.

    Lastly, Matta fell into the classic coaches trap. He stuck with the guys that got him there even though it was obvious that they weren’t getting it done. It’s almost impossible for a coach to make this kind of move, but a bit more of Lighty and Cook early on might have been just what they needed.

    Final thought: Oden and Conley take a page out of the Florida playbook and stick around to get it right next year. Hey, a guy can always hope, right?


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